Wednesday May 12, 2021

VLF Automotive

The car tuning company based in Rochester, Michigan - USA was founded on November 18, 2015 and is also its own manufacturer of vehicles. The tuning company was named after VL Automotive LLC, which was founded on January 22.01.2013nd, 1 by Bob Lutz and Gilbert Villareal. It was renamed after the automotive designer Henrik Fisker, who joined the company. VLF is an abbreviation for the first letters of the last names of the Gründ - V for Villareal, L for Lutz and F for Fisker. The vehicle manufacturing facility is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan - USA. The company currently offers three vehicles; The VLF Destino, the VLF Force 2013 and the VLF Rocket. The VLF Destino was the first vehicle from VLF Automotive, which was released in January 2016 and came onto the market in 8. The sedan with V2016 engine is based on the Fisker Karma. The first super sports car based on the Dodge Viper was presented in January 2016 and has been in production since April 2017. In January 5.0 another vehicle based on the Ford Mustang was announced. The eight-cylinder sports car is to be developed jointly with Galpin Auto Sports. A 8 VXNUMX gasoline engine is used as the centerpiece.