Bulli sea of ​​lights in downtown Hanover: Twinkle Light Cruise 2022!

Twinkle Light Cruise 2022 VW Bulli Lights Parade 6

For the fourth time, dozens of VW buses, VW Beetles and other vintage cars decorated with fairy lights transformed the streets Hanovers in a sparkling sea of ​​lights. On Saturday evening, December 17, at 19 p.m., the lavishly decorated vehicles set off from Trammplatz. The specified route led the glittering convoy past the opera house, along Osterstrasse and Karmarschstrasse, around Maschpark and back to Trammplatz. For the first time on a Twinkle Light Cruise, the all-electric ID. Buzz, who has been in the Volkswagen Commercial vehicles (VWN) plant in Hanover is produced.

2022 Bulli sea of ​​lights

"Participation in the Twinkle Light Cruise has already become a small Advent tradition for vintage Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles“, explains Tobias Twele, project manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Oldtimer. "When it's cold and dark outside, the Christmas spirit comes straight into town with the glowing Bullis.“ This year, the classic car specialists from VWN took part with a total of seven Bullis and an ID. Buzz at the glitter ride. "The ID Of course, Buzz is not a vintage car, but when the Bulli family goes on a trip, the youngest family member is also part of it.More than 2.000 LEDs lit up on each of the Blinke Bullis. The preparation for each vehicle took around one working day. Twele continues: "The power requirement of the Twinkle Bullis is around 15 watts. This corresponds to the power consumption of a classic rear light bulb."

The Twinkle Light Cruise in Hanover is a privately initiated event. Alexander P. Frank is in the first Bulli, a T2. For the fourth time he is organizing the trip through the city centre. "I'm looking forward to the many participants, over 150 cars and scooters have registered“, says the self-employed motor vehicle expert. "We want to bring some Christmas cheer to people. Especially now, when there are good reasons to save on permanent Advent lighting in the city."

Twinkle Light Cruise 2022 VW Bulli Lights Parade 16

VWNO took part in the Twinkle Light Cruise 2022 with the following vehicles:

  • ID. Buzz Pro1, year of manufacture 2022
  • T1 double cab, year of construction 1966,
  • T1 Kombi De Luxe, year of construction 1965
  • T1 seven-seater, built in 1967
  • T1 Samba, built in 1963
  • T2 minibus, built in 1972
  • T2 station wagon, year of manufacture 1971
  • T2 camper, built in 1978

The meeting point was 18 p.m. at Trammplatz in front of the New Town Hall in Hanover. The descent started around 19 p.m.

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Christmas lights parade through Hanover
Photo credit: Henning Scheffen Photography

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