AMBIENC3: Continental shows the interior of the future!

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Driving, working, relaxing - these three activities merge in the digitally networked and sustainable mobility of the future. Continental has developed the almost perfect vehicle interior for this. Visitors to the IAA Mobility in Munich can experience the future of the interior in AMBIENC3. Everything is designed and conceived from a single source: chic, light and robust surfaces for floors, walls and ceilings, for seats, loungers and tables. Natural, subtle and light colors. Warm, clearly defined lighting effects. Unobtrusive sounds ...

AMBIENC3 from Continental

In the new concept vehicle from Continental, driving, working and relaxing experiences come together in a 3rd space, a third room that combines all activities. The vehicle is full of new surface solutions made from innovative and sustainable materials.

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Speaking of sustainability: Following the upcycling trend, the AMBIENC3 with the VW T2 Bulli is based on an emotionally charged vehicle. This is how retro meets the future: “With the AMBIENC3, we are combining a globally known car icon with new, exciting surfaces and pioneering technologies of the future, which with their properties support driving, working and relaxing in the best possible way, and each other through color, design and material differentiate, ”says Ralf Imbery, Head of Innovation, Transformation and Design at Continental's surface experts. “In AMBIENC3 we show our expertise in terms of sustainability, design, functionality, 3rd space and customer orientation. In this way, we bring together key drivers for the future of the mobile interior. "

Focus on sustainability

When developing surfaces, Continental relied on natural and renewable raw materials as well as recycled and reprocessed materials. And that without compromising on quality: “In the AMBIENC3, occupants can breathe freely. This is ensured by materials that are low in emissions and pollutants. Light surfaces also help to save vehicle weight. This lowers energy consumption and thus CO₂ emissions and increases the range of electric vehicles, ”emphasizes Imbery.

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Natural, subtle and light colors as well as gently flowing shapes characterize the interior of the AMBIENC3 and make it comfortable and modern at the same time. The interior supports motivation when working as well as inspiration when relaxing. You won't find any buttons or switches here. The functions in the AMBIENC3 are always intuitively at hand, but without permanently visible control elements. The so-called Shy Technology makes it possible: The functions are invisible on the surface in the off mode at first glance.

Design and function go hand in hand

Other innovative highlights in the concept vehicle from Continental are, for example, the light and sound concept that creates different atmospheres, as well as heatable materials. Manufactured using functional pressure, they generate heat in seconds. Other surfaces used in the AMBIENC3 are characterized by special properties such as optimized soiling behavior, maximum abrasion resistance and even self-healing in the event of damage.

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With the AMBIENC3, Continental is also taking into account the megatrend towards autonomous driving: With fully automated driving at the latest, we will use the time in the car differently than for steering, accelerating or braking. That is why the new concept vehicle has, in addition to the driving zone, a work and relaxation zone, each with a different design and material concept. And since the view is inward, the surfaces used are becoming more and more important. This ultimately leads to an upgrading of the interior, something should be offered to the eye and the surfaces should also be experienced haptically. The various activities are supported by mood functions such as light and sound. 3rd Space is the name of the underlying concept, according to which living area and office merge in the vehicle.

Customized solutions, innovative technologies

Not least in terms of customer orientation, the AMBIENC3 sets new standards. With solutions and surfaces that can be customized by digital printing, Continental shows car manufacturers numerous options for tailoring vehicles to the individual needs of their customers and upgrading the interior with new, surprising functions and their networking.

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Equipped with technologies developed by Continental, the surfaces in the AMBIENC3 are true all-rounders. For example, the staynu technology makes surfaces more dirt-resistant, easier to care for and more robust than ever before. Staynu stands for the English description of “stay new”, ie “stay new”. Because the technology ensures that the material stays or looks like new longer. The protected material is used for the driver's seat of the AMBIENC3. It takes the horror away from stains and is considered a durable, inexpensive and environmentally friendly material.

Other surfaces in the AMBIENC3 use laif technology, which is characterized by breathability, i.e. permeability for air and water vapor as well as special softness. A pleasant side effect of this new technology: the breathable surface ensures passive climate regulation. With the look and feel of real leather, surfaces with laif technology are an excellent alternative for which no animal has to lose its life.

Continental - a leader in mobility for 150 years

“There is an impressive team effort behind the new concept vehicle,” explains Imbery. “In addition to pioneering surfaces, there are also innovative technologies and solutions in the concept vehicle, for example the speakerless audio system Ac2ated Sound, the ProViu 360 camera system for more safety on the road, the photovoltaic charger on the vehicle roof for sustainable energy generation, an intelligent glass control, the eTravel.Companion or the DAB radio with USB and Bluetooth connection. "

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So not only does the AMBIENC3 stand for tradition and future, but also Continental. Because her heart has been beating for mobility for 150 years - and it will continue to do so. “The fact is: You have to experience, feel and experience the AMBIENC3,” summarizes Imbery. That is why Continental is inviting all visitors to the IAA Mobility in Munich from September 7 to 12, 2021, to board the AMBIENC3 - and get to know the future of the mobile interior today.

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World premiere for the AMBIENC3 in Munich: Continental shows the vehicle interior of the future
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