Video: 6.500 electric horsepower in the Drag Race VW Beetle

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Drag Race VW Beetle EV

This crazy one VW Beetle EV drag race vehicle we have to show you. It has four high-performance permanent magnet axial AC three-phase motors (High performance permanent magnet Axial flux AC three-phase) each with a continuous output of 565 HP, i.e. a total of over 2.000 permanently available HP, under the sheet metal. But the engines can even be cranked up to a combined peak power of around 6.500 hp, which is said to make the 2013 Beetle incredibly fast. The energy supply comes from a specially made 22kWh battery pack from Current Racing, which has a maximum voltage of 800 volts and has a built-in front CHAdeMO charging port can be charged with up to 20 kW. Four are also installed Inverters, which not only convert the direct current coming from the battery into alternating current, but also control the speed in the motors. The best thing to do is to take a look at the rest of the vehicle yourself!


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