Volkswagen (VW)

Volkswagen AG is a German car manufacturer based in Wolfsburg. VW is the largest European manufacturer and also leads the world GM and Toyota the top. From the founding in May 1937 to today VW is one of the most popular car brand of the Germans and has developed into a high-tech producer. Because the brand combines practicality with a functional design and an excellent price-performance ratio. The Wolfsburg offer a wide range of models. From compact cars to compact and mid-size cars to stylish SUVs and practical minibuses. In addition, there are some e-models that stir up the electronics market. But the highlight is and remains the VW Golf. It's been produced since 1974 and it's currently in its eighth generation. Even in the tuning scene, VW is an indispensable part of life. The VW Whitsun meeting in Bautzen and the Wörthersee meeting in Austria is the annual highlight of the auto tuning experts. Find out about the latest trends here.

Traditional tuner OETTINGER sharpens the VW Golf 8 R!

With the first pictures and a video clip, traditional Volkswagen tuner OETTINGER is increasing the anticipation of the brand new aerodynamic program for the Golf 8 R (MK8), currently the fastest and most powerful member of the Golf family. The easy-to-install and registration-free kit made of RIM in OE quality...

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