Ququq camping boxes for VW ID Buzz & T7 Multivan!

Ququq camping boxes VW ID Buzz T7 Multivan BusBox 4 BusBox 3 1

Ququq camping boxes has been available for a wide variety of vehicles for over 10 years (approx. 160 models can be equipped). And now there is also such a box for the VW ID.Buzz. Namely the BusBox-4. It can be installed or removed in a few minutes and is suitable for the ID.Buzz with built-in rear seats in the second row. The basic box is supplied with a built-in Kitchen, table, sink and gas cooker with two burners. There are also two 10 liter fresh water canisters, some storage space and space for a cool box. So self-sufficient traveling and camping is possible without any problems. Also includes the BusBox-4 a folding bed with a lying surface of 125×195 centimetres, with a soft 10 centimeter thick Cold foam mattress is loaded.

for VW ID Buzz & T7 Multivan

According to Ququq, such a BusBox-4 should weigh between 50 and 70 kilograms, depending on the design and additional equipment. And if it is installed, the full suitability for everyday use of the motorhome is retained. That means the ID. Buzz can still be used as an e-car on the way to work or for shopping. But if it's supposed to go away at the weekend, then he turns into a electric camper. The BusBox-4 can already be pre-ordered and will be available from November at a price of €2.790. And as the title already suggests, there is also something for the VW T7 Multivan. He can with that BusBox-3 be converted into a camper. In principle, the box is similarly equipped, but only available from €3.190. Photo credit: Ququq

more details:

  • BusBox-3 for the VW T7 Multivan
    – suitable for short or long wheelbase in the five-seater version
    - usable with or without mounted rear seats
  • BusBox-4 for the VW ID.Buzz
    – for the five-seater VW ID.Buzz
    - Can be used with fixed rear seats
  • handcrafted from high-quality materials
  • there are currently eight models made in Germany
  • approx. 160 different vehicles can be equipped with it
    – Land Rover Defender
    – Toyota Land Cruiser
    – Mercedes G class
    – High-roof station wagons
    - minibuses
    – vans
    - Etc.

Ququq camping boxes VW ID Buzz T7 Multivan BusBox 4 BusBox 3 4

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