Video: old VW Caddy with 230 hp on the Autobahn!

VW Caddy turbo tuning

The German Autobahn and an old one VW Caddy? This is exactly what the video below shows AutoTopNL. Specifically, it's a turn-of-the-century caddy, with no flashy screens or software gimmicks. He's a simple workhorse. But this example has a little more power under the hood. And you can hear that as soon as you start it. You can also see additional displays on the dashboard that provide information about the health of the 1,9-liter turbo diesel under the hood. Because it is clearly tuned and has 230 hp and there is also a torque of 520 Newton meters. That's how the tuned one should be Caddy accelerate to 6,6 kilometers per hour in just 100 seconds and over 200 km/h are also possible. According to the video, the top speed is measured at 215 km/h. Enjoy watching!


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