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Video: Extendable - the VW Doubleback XXL camper!

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VW Doubleback XXL Camper Video: Extendable VW Doubleback XXL Camper!

We love future-oriented innovations. And one that has been around in this version since at least 2013, we now want to show you retrospectively. The base in this case is a VW Bus (T5 / T6), the is perfect for camping holidays right from the start. The enterprise Danbury, which is responsible for the conversion, has been on the market since 2009 and showed the VW T5 Doubleback. It's no longer a novelty today, but it's still impressive in our opinion. The prototype at that time was created by the Englishman Craig McCormack and was developed in his workshop over a period of nine months. Since then the Doubleback available for everyone with the right budget. The Doubleback offers enough space for several people and at the same time it is compact and easy to maneuver.

VW Doubleback XXL camper

VW Doubleback XXL Camper 2 Video: Extendable VW Doubleback XXL Camper!

It actually looks like an ordinary T5 VW bus with a long wheelbase, including pop-up roof. And the usable area is still quite considerable in the “normal state”. There is enough space for luggage, equipment and even bicycles. That means, if you are not going on vacation, then the camper can be used as an almost normal transporter. At the push of a button, however, the rear part, which is attached to the rails in the car, is enlarged extended two meters. The extension is a kind of box that is attached to the cut-out rear and is pulled out like a drawer. And because of aircraft technology and materials, that is Honeycomb aluminum extract extremely stable and only weighs 150 kg.

the tailgate retains its function

You can put weight on the pull-out - with the feet that extend automatically - up to 600 kg. Incidentally, the tailgate still opens normally. Inside there is Space for four peoplewho can also sleep there, as the bed is of course still available under the pop-up roof. The other two people sleep on the converted bench in the rear. And these 4 people can also ride in the vehicle itself. The inventory is a fully equipped one Kitchen with sink, a lot Storage space and of course a full one Refrigerator. Even a Oven with grill belongs to it. The prices are pretty steep at around £ 50.000.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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