VW Golf 5 & 6 GTI Stage 2 upgrade charger from TurboZentrum!

VW Tiguan I 20 Tfsi Upgrade Turbo 53039880290 E1675682792359

For the VW Golf 5 (MK5/V) and 6 GTI (MK6/VI) there is now the option of upgrading the popular 2.0 TSI engine with 200 (AXX, BWA, BPY, CAWB) to 211 PS (CCZB) to modify. Namely by means of TurboZentrum-Stage 2-Turbo Upgrade up to 300 hp. Based on the BorgWarner K03-290 charger, which can also be installed in the MK6 as an OEM alternative to the IHI turbos. The K03 turbocharger is also suitable for toothed belt and chain engines! And since the transversely installed 2.0 TSI / TFSI engine was installed as a kind of "cure-all" in the group, owners of an Audi A3 / TT, VW Beetle / Scirocco, Škoda Octavia / Superb and even race track dads with a Seat Alhambra can also take advantage of the performance increase delight.

VW Golf 5 & 6 GTI STAGE 2 upgrade loaders

Of course, the hardware also requires suitable software tuning and a modified intake, exhaust system/downpipe and, ideally, a new intercooler are also part of it. In contrast to the Stage 1 kit, the Stage 2 optimization has a larger compressor wheel and the compressor housing is also modified. In the course of the work, the gap size is also optimized. A set of reinforced bearings is always included with the Stage 2 upgrade and if you want, you don't have to buy a new one, you can have a used turbocharger converted at any time. Photo credit: Turbo Center Berlin

VW Tiguan I 20 Tfsi Upgrade Turbo 53039880290 4nd

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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