Tuesday 26th October 2021

Video: VW Golf R32 (MK5) with a crazy 1.000 PS!

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VW Golf R32 MK5 1.000 PS Tuning Turbo 10 Video: VW Golf R32 (MK5) with a crazy 1.000 PS!

How incredibly quick a HGP Golf 7 R3.6 L Bi-Turbo is, that has already shown various films and tests on the net. There are virtually no opponents with the over 700 hp Wolfsburg. Hard to believe that you can even do that increase can. But it works! And this 2009 VW Golf R32 proves it. A vehicle that is able to put a 9-second time on the table on the quarter mile. Even if it is "only" enough for a 10,4 in the video. More is definitely in there! This R32 was bought new in 2009 and, according to Jacque, the owner, went straight into racing for drag races and Co. After a few defeats, the decision was made to charge the R32. And 12 years later, the engine delivers an insane 1.000 hp. But the tuning path was not easy, as is explained in the clip.

VW Golf R32 (MK5) with 1.000 PS

And the amazing thing is, the vehicle is still called Daily driver utilized. There is only room for one passenger, but that's actually enough. The golf even has one Nitrous oxide system built in, but that has never been used. And visually you can't see the power of the Wolfsburg at all. He is solid remained standard. Sure, he installed a couple of light motorsport rims, there was a lowering and the braking system with the chic blue saddles has nothing to do with the series. But these are all details that every second Golf has built in these days. For us, this vehicle is the ultimate Sleeper! Have fun with the video.


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