Fierce - Varis Supreme Widebody Toyota Supra (A90)

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VARIS SUPREME Kit Toyota Supra Widebody Tuning 7 Violent Varis Supreme Widebody Toyota Supra (A90)

Of course, the Japanese tuner Varis (Varis Japan MFG the reinterpretation of the Supra did not pass. It took some time, but for the past 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon (Date: 10. Jan. 2020 - 12. Jan. 2020) celebrated the world premiere of the Varis Supra. And that with two interpretations! The VARIS ARISING-I Bodykit comes as a semi-civilian version without widened fenders and the VARIS SUPREME 90 version then shows the full range with fat cheeks all around and even more wings. But we come to the “Supreme” variant. The front apron received a huge spoiler and a large one canards and an eye-catcher is the new hood with air openings and a central one Power Dome.

new outfit for 2021

VARIS SUPREME Kit Toyota Supra Widebody Tuning 2 Violent Varis Supreme Widebody Toyota Supra (A90)

Right and left, the front apron is massively widened to allow a suitable transition to the 85-millimeter-wide 6-part fenders including large gills and air openings. The side section of the Supra is characterized by new side skirts including sill swords and the highlight is of course the massive 140 mm widening from the rear area. It begins as a large attachment on the doors and then extends over the entire side wall to the rear. And here the Supra was given an extremely aggressive one diffuser which can be installed while keeping the factory apron. The exhibition vehicle is also with a new tailgate including massive barris GT4-style rear wing, which, like many other parts of the body kit, shines in noble carbon fiber.

new tailgate with spoiler on request

VARIS SUPREME Kit Toyota Supra Widebody Tuning 4 Violent Varis Supreme Widebody Toyota Supra (A90)

Incidentally, the new tailgate including the spoiler is still 2,6 kg lighter than the original without Spoiler. And to match the huge appearance, there was a set of Rays motorsport alloy wheels in combination with a KW coilover suspension, Recaro can be found in the interior Sports seats with sport belts again and everything is rounded off with orange accents on the body kit. Varis had a total of 9 vehicles on the stand, including a beautiful JZA80 Supra in Rossmans dress, a Skyline 400R and a modified R35GT-R. At the end of the post you will find a small gallery showing the VARIS ARISING-I body kit on a white Supra and there are even more pictures of the VARIS SUPREME kit. If we receive timely information on further changes, details of both body kits for Supra 2019, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photos: Varis)

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BMW M4 varis tuning parts 2 310x165 Violent Varis Supreme Widebody Toyota Supra (A90)

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12471761 951387241595264 9087963861845705442 o 310x165 Violent Varis Supreme Widebody Toyota Supra (A90)

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varis m4 1 tuning 1 310x165 Violent Varis Supreme Widebody Toyota Supra (A90)

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News from 15.03.2021

Varis Supreme Widebody Toyota Supra A90 11 Violently Varis Supreme Widebody Toyota Supra (A90)

For the year 2021 there was for the Toyota Supra with "Supreme Aero" widebody from Varis a Upgrade. The body is now with bright green Accents (Acid-Green) peppered and beyond that, something has apparently also changed on the engine. Because the headlight on the passenger side has been replaced by an air intake, which indicates a significant increase in performance. Incidentally, the vehicle belongs Daniel Songwho can be described as a supra fanatic. He also has one Pandem widebody beast built for SEMA and now the guys from Hoonigan AutoFocus try out your second "baby" with the Varis widebody kit. It has been over a year since the first presentation of the Varis Widebody A90 Supra and only now is the body kit on the market and can therefore be ordered by everyone. So far, the Supra from Song is still the only one!

The Varis body kit costs 14.000 US dollars

The body kit comes to the end customer for around 14.000 US dollars. The bumper extension mentioned above, a diffuser, canards / winglets, the extensions for the front and rear fenders, the bonnet and the side skirts are then delivered. The rear wing is known to us so far optional and all other changes to this vehicle anyway. Interestingly, the car only has one headlight, the other is a carbon air intake system as you know it from some MK4 Supras. Also a new one wheelset, a Sports exhaust systemNew Seats including roll cage in the interior up to the clear Lowering are built in. The best thing to do is to watch it all in the video!

Maybe there will soon be an update with information and pictures. If this is the case, we will of course also put these online and inform you.

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