Elegant Vellano VTV Alu's on the Mercedes W222 S-Class

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Mercedes S Class W222 tuning Vellano VTV 22 inch 1 Elegant Vellano VTV Alu's on the Mercedes W222 S Class

Already in the year 1951 brought Mercedes, with the type 220, a future-oriented vehicle on the market that, for example, delivered a newly designed six-cylinder engine with an overhead camshaft, a safety pin lock that prevented the doors from opening unintentionally, a heater fan or a complex duplex drum brake at the front in series. All subsequent series, right up to the current W222, have always been innovators in modern automotive technology and have always been beyond any doubt in terms of design. Despite the BMW 7 Series or Audi A8, the S-Class is still the epitome of a luxury luxury vehicle! And what should you not do with such a vehicle? You should not modify it excessively and ultimately spoil it in such a way that almost every head, for whatever reason, turns around afterwards. We know a rather negative example of this Vitt Squalo und auch das Lorinser body kit is not necessarily the epitome of true beauty.

Mercedes S Class W222 tuning Vellano VTV 22 inch 9 Elegant Vellano VTV Alu's on the Mercedes W222 S Class

So why not just change it subtly and, for example, install a set of new alloy wheels and lower the flagship a few millimeters? This is exactly what the guys from MC Customs have done and are presenting an elegant alternative to the production vehicle that still lives up to the understatement of the Stuttgart native. For the wheel set, the choice fell on Vellano VTV rims in 22 inch format, which with their concave design and filigree spokes harmonize with the silhouette of the S-Class. In addition, the Mercedes star on the front was removed and the frame of the radiator grille was painted black. The rear also manages the balancing act between individual and restrained very well because only a roof spoiler and a set of black taillights were installed here. From the factory, this W222 is already equipped with a right & left exhaust system so that only oval tailpipes had to be attached. The red painted brake calipers give a subtle touch of color, which are easily recognizable through the new aluminum rims and visually skillfully highlight the brake system with its perforated brake discs. The vehicle is a nice example of what you can achieve with subtle changes without having to lose the role. If we get more information about the modifications to the W222, there is of course, as always, an update for this report. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Mercedes S Class W222 tuning Vellano VTV 22 inch 3 Elegant Vellano VTV Alu's on the Mercedes W222 S Class

(Photos: Vellano Forged Wheels)

These are the changes to the Mercedes W222 S-Class:

  • Lowering (sports springs, coil springs, sports suspension, coilover suspension, with standard air suspension possibly by adjusting the electronics - more information is not available)
  • darkened / tinted windows
  • Brake calipers painted red
  • Grille with black border
  • Mercedes star on the hood removed
  • Vellano VTV Alloy Wheels in 22 inch installed (chrome / black)
  • darkened taillights
  • roof spoiler
  • oval tailpipes right & left
  • Spoiler lip on the boot lid
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)

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22 incher & lowering

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