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More upgrades: Ford F-250 VelociRaptor 700 by Hennessey!

More upgrades: Ford F-250 VelociRaptor 700 by Hennessey!

From the Texan tuner Hennessey performance there are currently news to further Tuning parts for the one presented in March VelociRaptor 700 based on Ford F-250. While in the spring the tuning is on a performance increase, one sentence Beadlock-Method Race rims with bigger ones Tires and a Lift Kit limited, the tuner now adds. Hennessey now has a huge one too front apron on offer, there's a sturdy one rear apron and also in the Cabin changes can be implemented. Yes, one after the other! The increase in performance by means of Compressor. The kit also includes one Stainless-steel sport exhaust system, a new Intercooler, Chiptuning, High Flow Air Induction System as well as the exchange of all necessary Liquids and seals. The result flows into 700 BHP (710 hp) and 979 NM torque.

Ford F-250 as VelociRaptor 700

The key data for the increase in performance naturally vary depending on the serial output of the engine. But we come to the other changes. The most striking feature is the now available VelociRaptor front bumper made of metal.

In addition to the VelociRaptor lettering, the component also impresses with a mighty one Rammschutz as well as with a central LED light bar and small cube lights right and left (a total of 5 LED lights). And the one made of metal is no less martial rear apron. It comes with a preparation for a trailer hitch Reversing alarm and with an additional power connection. In combination with the new rims mentioned at the beginning (20 inches in black), the mighty off-road tire (35 in. / 0,89 m) or the addressed Höherlegung the chassis transforms the F-250 into an over-off-roader.

various applications all around

And if you want, you can also have the cabin subtly refined. The vehicle from the photos got about Headrests with Hennessy lettering. Finally, Hennessey Performance rounds off the tuning with various VelociRaptor 700 and Hennessy Logos, with blackened Ford badges and with one plaque with serial number under the bonnet. By the way, the vehicle from the pictures is based on an F-250 with noble Lariat equipment. info: in the video you can see a vehicle without the metal aprons. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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More upgrades: Ford F-250 VelociRaptor 700 by Hennessey!

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More upgrades: Ford F-250 VelociRaptor 700 by Hennessey!

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More upgrades: Ford F-250 VelociRaptor 700 by Hennessey!

Ford F-250 VelociRaptor 700 from Hennessey!
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