Tuesday August 3, 2021

Crazy - Ford Mustang 4 × 4 Convertible in 20er years look

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Ford Mustang 4x4 Convertible 20er Look 1 Crazy Ford Mustang 4x4 Convertible in 20er years look

We are pretty sure, just the craziest Ford Mustang conversion EVER to have found! And yes, we have that HOONICORN RTR Ford Mustang and also copies like that Shelby GT350 police vehicle or Fiberglass Mafia Mustang considered. But what sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan an Hussain Al Bagali commissioned in our opinion, everything goes beyond. He wanted a Mustang based on a Ram pickup truck in a retro style. But you have to come up with the idea first and then implement it somehow is probably unique. The result is a huge Ford Mustang convertible built on the technology of an 2015 Dodge Ram Pickup Truck (with 6.4 HEMI V8) and the look of an 20er Ford Model A Cabriolet.

You don't just have to let this combination work on you in words but especially in pictures. It is not surprising that the extensive project took over seven months of working time. After all, it is an extreme effort to design the front and rear fenders, the extension of the body or the specially developed bumpers and finally to bring them to the vehicle - and then to make them look so that the overall picture makes sense. The whitewall tires including side-mounted spare tires with chrome-plated multi-spoke aluminum rims in the typical 20s style are of course the absolute highlight. Maybe more details about the tuning will follow in the next few days. Until then you can subscribe to the post and as soon as it receives an update you will be informed by us.

Part 2

Ford Mustang 4x4 Convertible 20er Look 12 Crazy Ford Mustang 4x4 Convertible in 20er years look


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