Vilner Jeep Wrangler Hunting Unlimited - rat with style

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Vilner Jeep Wrangler Ratlook Tuning 2017 1 Vilner Jeep Wrangler Hunting Unlimited rat with style

So we have not yet seen such a stark contrast! The latest project from the Bulgarian tuner Vilner is based on a completely rebuilt Jeep Wrangler Unlimited that has nothing in common with the production vehicle. On the outside, the entire vehicle is trimmed to RAT-Look optics, and either this has been implemented by an absolutely deceptively real foiling or the vehicle paint has really been completely removed and the body, as it were, released for the weather conditions to be shot. If you take a closer look at the details, you can see that even the door hinges or the bonnet mounts are "rusting", and if we have to guess we tend to have actually removed the standard paintwork completely! A foiling that is provided with a real rust surface like the one on the BMW i8 from Metro Wrapz is also conceivable have seen some time ago. A gray film was applied to the i8 as a base layer and base and this film was then treated with a brew that corrodes after application and thus leaves an absolutely real rust look.

Vilner Jeep Wrangler Ratlook Tuning 2017 2 Vilner Jeep Wrangler Hunting Unlimited rat with style

We hope that we will get some information from Vilner, or maybe the owner himself! By the way, not only the outer skin is spectacular but also the new chassis set-up with its extreme lift Teraflex suspension kit and the new alloy wheels with huge 37 inch BFGoodrich Krawler T / A off-road tires. There were new front and rear, and reduced to the most essential, bumpers and the wheel arch extensions or the side skirts was added later. As far as we know, the owner of the jeep is a sculptor and In addition, a hunter that these two things can apparently easily be linked together show parts of the interior and of course the extreme look outside. The additional LED lights on the A-pillars and the large LED light bar on the front roof line are ideal for hunting. If you activate all headlights you should be optimally equipped for the hunt because extremely bright illumination on the road and in the off-road area is guaranteed. As shabby and rusty as the exterior looks, the interior appears extremely classy. The guys from Vilner their hands in the game and reworked the entire interior. Every corner of the interior was covered in brown leather and new fabrics down to the last detail.

Vilner Jeep Wrangler Ratlook Tuning 2017 4 Vilner Jeep Wrangler Hunting Unlimited rat with style

Even the additional built-in roll cage is equipped with brown fabric and the side panels of the doors, the entire footwell, the steering wheel, the dashboard and the entire center console were upholstered with high-quality leather. A highlight is also the handmade bag set including holder which is attached to the backrests and should swallow some utensils for sculpture or hunting. With exceptional details such as the brass-style style venting nozzles, the exclusive rocker-style gearshift, and eye-catching gold inlays (Sculptor Style) all around, the interior is completely individual and correspondingly crazy rounded. A disadvantage -> Especially the extreme details on the outside make the vehicle an absolute disaster for the German TÜV, but since the monster is apparently in the forests of China, that shouldn't really play a role. If we get specific information about the modifications to the Wrangler, there will of course, as always, be an update for this report. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Vilner Jeep Wrangler Ratlook Tuning 2017 5 Vilner Jeep Wrangler Hunting Unlimited rat with style

(Photos: Vilner)

These are the changes to the Jeep Wrangler:

  • new alloy wheels with extremely large offroad tires (37 Zoll BFGoodrich Krawler T / A)
  • Significant lift with Teraflex suspension kit
  • All around in Rat-Look design (rust-optics, possibly also unpainted surface)
  • Mudguard widenings in matt black
  • Roll cage inside
  • completely redesigned interior (interior upholstered in brown leather down to the last detail, roll cage with brown fabric, side panels - footwell - all carpets brown, handmade bag set including brackets on the backrests, steering wheel upholstered and also in brown, dashboard - center console - door panels, etc. completely covered with leather, ventilation nozzles in brass look style, exclusive gear lever in skull design, golden inlays)
  • LED light bar on the roof & A-pillars
  • new bumper in the back
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)
  • possibly a sports exhaust system (more information is not available) 

Vilner Jeep Wrangler Ratlook Tuning 2017 9 Vilner Jeep Wrangler Hunting Unlimited rat with style

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outside rat inside breeding mouse

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