Roadster exotic from NRW: VM 77 on Barracuda Summa rims!

Roadster Exot NRW VM 77 Barracuda Summa rims JMS Tuning 7

You've probably never heard of the VM 77. If we're honest, the vehicle hasn't even come before our lens so far. The Lotus Seven replica made in Bergisch Gladbach by the company VM Automobiles GmbH is manufactured is one of the lightest and most puristic vehicles that have existed in the recent past. In contrast to the well-known manufacturers of Lotus replicas such as Caterham or Westfield, the VM 77 will only be known to die-hard connoisseurs of the scene. Today we would like to introduce you to an example that was modified by the German tuning company JMS Fahrzeugteile.

Exclusive rims - exclusive vehicle

Roadster Exot NRW VM 77 Barracuda Summa rims JMS Tuning 2

The car was upgraded with a set Alloy wheels from Barracuda Racing Wheels, which are available in three different versions. The wheels come from the Summa Ultralight Series and are extremely light thanks to the flow-forged process. They are therefore an ideal match for the vehicle, which weighs just 570 kilograms. In the 7,5×17 inch format, they only weigh 7,3 kilograms per rim and therefore the VM does not have to carry around unnecessary ballast. The rims were fitted with Hankook tires in 205/40 ZR17 format at the front and tires of the same brand in 225/35 ZR17 format on the rear axle.

Roadster Exot NRW VM 77 Barracuda Summa rims JMS Tuning 5

In addition to the rims in matt bronze, finishes in Racing White and Matte Black Puresports are also available, which also harmonize perfectly with the design of the Lotus replica. In addition, the rims are now also available in 18 and 19 inch formats. The customer can also choose between different bolt circles for the 18-inch wheels: 7,5×18 with a 4×100 bolt circle or 4×108 or 8×18 with various five-hole connections. The 17 and 19 inchers, on the other hand, are only available in all five-hole versions.

2-liter naturally aspirated engine from Ford drives the puristic exotic!

A 2-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine from Ford is responsible for the drive, which generates 105 hp. Despite the rather poor performance, the vehicle is a lot of driving fun thanks to the ultra-low curb weight of just 570 kilograms. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about performance and top speed.

VM exclusive vehicle construction GmbH

VM GmbH from Bergisch Gladbach in North Rhine-Westphalia is a company in the automotive sector and was also a manufacturer of exclusive roadster models and replicas of the Lotus Super Seven until 2010. Today the company, which was founded in November 1988 by Klaus Vielhauer as well as Robert Menschik and Ulrich Menschik, is exclusively active with regard to automobile preparation, restomods and metal construction. The first model, the 77, was available both as a kit car and as a finished model, while the second vehicle, called the Nardo, was only available for purchase as a fully assembled vehicle. We do not know anything about the exact number of these vehicles, and there are probably at most a handful of modified examples in the world.

Our conclusion:

  • It couldn't be more exclusive. A largely unknown lightweight roadster on high-quality flow-forged wheels is the dream of many. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Roadster Exot NRW VM 77 Barracuda Summa rims JMS Tuning 8

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Roadster exotic from NRW: VM 77 on Barracuda Summa rims!
Photo credit: JMS vehicle parts
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