VP-GraVity - SUV Look on the Mercedes V-Class (W447)

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VANSPORTS.DE SUV Package VP Gravity Mercedes V Class Vito 1 VP GraVity SUV Look at the Mercedes V Class (W447)

Mercedes has with the current V-Class (as a commercial vehicle, it is the Vito) really made an effort and presented 2014 an attractively styled MPV that also brings dynamic accents. The team of Hartmann Tuning However, the V-Class and the Vito are now also available in SUV design on request VP-GraVity kit from VANSPORTS and thus creates a completely new look. The VP-GraVity Kit from VANSPORTS should be the perfect alternative, especially for owners who travel with the V-Class off the beaten track or are simply looking for a slightly different look.

Hartmann Tuning Vansports Gravity 10 VP Gravity SUV look at the Mercedes V class (W447)

After the conversion, the V-Class arrives in a trendy SUV outfit on request and can therefore go over hill and dale. One reason is the installation of lifting springs that ensure that the ground clearance is increased by 30 mm. That helps that so many obstacles are no longer. Anyone who is on and off-road should of course also protect the body and this is made possible by means of matt black and very robust wheel arch attachments, matt black side step bars with a 63 mm diameter (optionally also in polished version) and robust loading edges and door sills.

Hartmann Tuning Vansports Gravity 7 VP Gravity SUV look at the Mercedes V class (W447)

The components not only give the V-Class and Vito an off-road vehicle-like appearance, the advantage is also protection against bumps, quirks and dents. And so that the underbody and the bumpers remain “crease-free”, VANSPORTS still has high-quality front and rear apron attachments in its range. The attachments come in OEM quality and are installed in a brushed aluminum look. Hartmann Tuning also has a large number of new wheel / tire combinations in stock for the V-Class.

VANSPORTS.DE SUV Package VP Gravity Mercedes V Class Vito 7 VP GraVity SUV Look at the Mercedes V Class (W447)

One of the presentation vehicles (champagnerfarbne) comes for example on a set of FIVE 1 rims in 8,5 x 19 which are equipped with tires in the format 245 / 45. Finally, there is also an increase in performance available Hartmann-power V25 option (map-optimized control unit) calls. We already have the performance advantage 2015 reports and the 2,1-liter diesel in the Vito or the V-Class with VP-GraVity-Kit comes with 228 PS and 510 NM (series: 190 PS & 440 NM) and provides significantly improved acceleration values.

Hartmann Tuning Vansports Gravity 2 VP Gravity SUV look at the Mercedes V class (W447)

And you don't even have to do without the right sound because the Hartmann V8 sound module with actuator and CAN bus connection turns the four-cylinder diesel into a V8 at the push of a button. Whether railing or town, Hartmann-Tuning has something in stock for everyone and we particularly like the black one. If we get more details about the changes, there will of course be an update for this story. You will be informed about the update if you have ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!Hartmann Tuning Vansports Gravity 13 VP Gravity SUV look at the Mercedes V class (W447)

(Photos: Hartmann Tuning)

All important details about the VP Gravity Package for V-Class and Vito:

  • suitable for Mercedes V-class and commercial vehicle offshoot Vito
  • Name: "VP Gravity"
  • Kit comes with new front and rear aprons, fender attachments, removable design plate, side skirt set VP4 SL, side pipes in black or made of polished stainless steel (delivery ready for installation with surface finish "brushed aluminum" or "black matt structure")
  • Lifting springs (+ 30 mm)
  • 17 inch FIVE rims
  • All Terrain Tires (235 / 60R17)
  • several 18 + 19 inch alternatives (e.g. FIVE 2, TORGET 3) with 245 / 45R19 tires or 245 / 45R18 tires

VANSPORTS.DE - “VP Gravity” SUV package for the V-Class and the Vito

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Hartmann Tuning processes the VW T5

Hartmann VW T5 tuning 3 310x165 VP GraVity SUV look at the Mercedes V class (W447)

With steam on vacation - Hartmann Vansports Mercedes Sprinter

Hartmann Vansports Mercedes Sprinter 2017 Tuning 1 310x165 VP GraVity SUV Look at the Mercedes V Class (W447)

Mercedes Vito Mixto with 2017 HARTMANN VP Spirit kit

Mercedes Vito Mixto 2017 HARTMANN VP Spirit Kit Tuning 9 310x165 VP GraVity SUV Look at the Mercedes V Class (W447)

224PS in the Hartmann tuning Mercedes Vito

Hartmann tuning Mercedes Vito 310x165 VP GraVity SUV look at the Mercedes V class (W447)

Mercedes V-Class VP-Spirit from tuner Hartmann

Hartmann Mercedes V Class tuning 5 310x165 VP GraVity SUV look on the Mercedes V class (W447)

Now higher - Hartmann Vansports Mercedes V-Class (V 447)

Hartmann Vansports Mercedes V Class V447 Tuning 15 310x165 VP GraVity SUV Look on the Mercedes V Class (W447)

really chic is the V-Class and the Vito after the tuning cure

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