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VW Eos with 400 PS, Scirocco front, and Airride chassis!

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VW Eos Scirocco Front Airride chassis 7 VW Eos with 400 PS, Scirocco front, and Airride chassis!

As we said in the article about the Changan Uni-T Speedster mentioned, convertibles have so far not really been able to gain a foothold in the Chinese market. Nevertheless, there are also some fresh air fans in China who don't want to do without the feeling of driving topless. This is probably what happened to this VW Eos owner called Lao Gao, who refined his automobile treasure in a very special way in order to create a unique work of art from it. In Germany, however, some tuning measures that were carried out on the Eos would not conform to the rules, and the TÜV would probably intervene immediately, but in China, surprisingly, you see this much more relaxed. We are now introducing you to the extraordinary VW for sun worshipers in more detail.

Great conversion with many modifications!

The first thing to fall is that Scirocco front on, which is supposed to give the Eos, which comes as standard, a sportier face. That too Airride chassis von Airllen makes the Eos something very special. It is so deep that it could serve as a tiller, and its appearance also makes it look like a real sports car. scissor doors in Lamborghini style from the Chinese company Lantong round off the enormously sporty appearance.

A Body kit from ABT with big rear wing, mighty side skirts and a rear diffuser, which was perfectly matched to the Eos, is also part of the repertoire of modifications. But tuners Lao Gao has of course also put on new rims, which are almost drowned in the abundance of tuning measures. It is about Work S1-Alus, which are black coated and provided with gold rivets. This creates a unique work of art that is guaranteed to be nowhere to be found. Incidentally, the unique rims were Pirelli P-Zero semislicks raised, which fully underline the sporty aspirations of the Eos.

One lives behind the rims Brembo high-performance braking system, which ensures decent deceleration values ​​from high speeds. The Four pipe exhaust system the Chinese exhaust system manufacturer Restswhich, according to the owner, produces a breathtaking sound, was also attached to the VW convertible. But the exterior is definitely just one of the many highlights on the vehicle that is safe with VAG meeting would be an absolute eye-catcher and would win many fans.

Extraordinary cockpit like from a spaceship.

As soon as you take a look inside the Eos, you immediately notice half-open "plaid" steering wheel which is in the style of the latest Tesla generation. In addition, it is strongly reminiscent of the steering wheels of Formula 1, although it is a custom production by the company Bosu acts, which was covered with brown and black Alcantara. In addition, the underside of the extraordinary flounce has a carbon look. Surprisingly, they stayed Multifunction buttons completely preserved.

Ensure sportiness Racing bucket seats from Eddy, and the back seat had to be for that Airride compressor the weicher, and was expanded. The renovation of the interior just looks like it is from another planet, and we are impressed by the tuning performance.

Around 400 hp provide a lot of steam!

One acts as the drive source in the Eos 2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with four cylinders, which thanks ECU remappingto APR high pressure oil pump and other peripheral modifications approximately from 400 HP perform. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the maximum torque, but it should be over 500 Newton meters lie. The power is transmitted via a DSG transmission with 6 speed levels on the front wheels. This gives the convertible power in all situations, and you can really hit the gas if you feel like it.

VW Eos Scirocco Front Airride chassis 8 VW Eos with 400 PS, Scirocco front, and Airride chassis!

Our Summary to the extreme VW Eos:

Tuner Lao Gao has done a great job and created his heart project breathtakingly. However, it is not yet complete because, according to our information, one Performance increase over 700 PS is planned to be able to shine on the quarter mile. We are impressed by so much creativity and take our hats off to the professionalism and courage. If you liked the Eos, then you can take a look at the picture gallery, which we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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VW Eos with 400 PS, Scirocco front, and Airride chassis!
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