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Millennium style & amazing interior in the 1995 VW Gol G2

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VW Gol G4 BBS Airride Tuning Soundsystem 1 7 Millennium Style & amazing interior in the 1995 VW Gol G2

Yes, you read that right! The vehicle that we are presenting to you today is not a VW Golf, but one VW Gol fourth generation, too Goal G2 called. This model, manufactured by VW in Brazil and sold throughout the South American continent, has developed into an absolute bestseller over the decades and can therefore be compared ideally with the Polo, which it roughly corresponds to in terms of size. A couple from Brazil thought that it would be the ideal tuning object and together they decided on a 95 Gol G2 in order to modify it according to all the rules of the art. This project, which is not only impressive at first glance, is now being presented to you in more detail.

Purple show car!

The first thing to fall is that Painting in the color New Purple Fantastic, which immediately attracts everyone's attention and is ideal for vehicles that take part in show-and-shine competitions. In order to achieve a contemporary look from the turn of the millennium, a evil look, so one hood extension, attached, and the headlights were tinted dark.

VW Gol G4 BBS Airride Tuning Soundsystem 1 1 Millennium Style & amazing interior in the 1995 VW Gol G2

The emblematic one radiator grill as well as the complete clean side view also testify to the great effort that went into making the Gol look like this. If you are now wondering how the doors can be opened, we can tell you that they are by means of Remote Control open so that the missing door handles are not an obstacle. the 17-inch alloy wheels are not from BBS, even if they look like it, but from BRW Rodas, and listen to the model name 900. Of course, a Airride chassis not missing, and so one of Dub Customs Suspensoes moved into the little gol, which presses it very close to the asphalt if necessary.

VW Gol G4 BBS Airride Tuning Soundsystem 1 6 Millennium Style & amazing interior in the 1995 VW Gol G2

The stern was also tinted tail lights installed, which underline the contemporary tuning, and go well with the chosen tuning style. We are sure that this car could win trophies in all show-and-shine competitions in Europe too, because above all the inner space, which we will describe to you next in the text, is probably unique.

Interior converted into a disco.

Even we have never seen such an interior, because you can already see two from the driver and front passenger seats 8 inch monitorswhich were installed in the cockpit. There are also various Round instruments for pressures and temperatures. There was also a Custom sports steering wheel installed, which has a rally optics. But that's just the beginning, because if you look at the fund, you know why this Gol is probably unique.

VW Gol G4 BBS Airride Tuning Soundsystem 1 4 Millennium Style & amazing interior in the 1995 VW Gol G2

A little Middle seat with leather cover, embedded in various Subwoofer and tweeter, is located in the back of the Gol instead of the rear seat bench. By the way are at the headrests from the driver and front passenger seats two 7 inch monitors built in so that you could enjoy a full entertainment program on the middle seat. The aforementioned subwoofers, tweeters and amplifiers also take up the entire trunk, which is why the vehicle is no longer suitable for shopping.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the engine.

Unfortunately, we do not know which engine is doing its job in the Gol G2 and whether it has been modified. Due to the various round instruments and displays in the cockpit, however, we assume that the engine is not standard, but that a lot of work has been done on the engine.

Our Summary about this VW Gol G2:

We are speechless and just impressed by so much attention to detail and tuning. If you feel the same way, then you can click on the picture gallery that we have attached to the post. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Millennium style & amazing interior in the 1995 VW Gol G2
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  1. This is the Project AB9, 2nd generation of Volkswagen Gol and informally called "Gol Bolinha" or "Gol Bola". This 2nd gen received two more redesigns that we call, for marketing purposes, "Gol G3" and "Gol G4". After this, the Gol received its 3rd generation, but as mentioned above, for marketing purposes we call it "Gol G5". The Gol G5 received three more facelifts / redesigns that we call it Gol "G6", "G7" and "G8". So, for you understand: the Gol has three generations and a lot of redesigns.

    About the engines: this generation received a good range of engines:

    AE engine - 1.0 8V 48 hp
    AP engine - 1.6 8V 80/85 hp
    AP engine - 1.8 8V 107 hp
    AP engine - 2.0 8V 109 hp
    AP engine - 2.0 16V 143 hp (this one received the German VW Golf 1.8 block)
    AT engine (EA111 family) - 1.0 8V 60 hp
    AT engine (EA111 family) - 1.0 16V 68 hp

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