VW Golf 2 Targa construction in "metallic" home work!

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VW Golf 2 Targa construction metal body kit tuning 7 VW Golf 2 Targa construction in metallic home work!

The tuning scene of the VW Golf disciples is known to be extremely inventive when it comes to extreme conversions. There is (almost) nothing on a VW Golf basis that does not exist, because after all you want to stand out from the crowd of the often black or silver series models. Convertible conversions are also a discipline that is very popular with golf fans, such as a Golf 2 Targa, which is done at home milled from the whole and chipped we would like to introduce you to a little more detail today. This one has many a tuning fair Golf 2 Targa seen before, and the reactions were unequivocal. People stood in front of the car, stunned, and thought that it was not even possible to simply build such a vehicle yourself with such laborious manual labor.

Made in 1.500 hours of manual labor

The coachbuilder Steffen Zschiegner, who realized this project, has all add-on parts such as spoilers, targa bars or extensions on the body hammered by hand, and incredible +1.500 working hours put into his project. All Body modifications are made of tin and tin, and no filler or paint was used. The complete vehicle is actually just with graphite oil preserved. Crazy! Next is pocketed in the golf Jamex coilover kit, which pushes the Wolfsburg very close to the asphalt. In addition, bumpers were from Golf GL model installed, which were used from model year 1991. The whole project originally started with an accident car, and it turned out to be one completely new passenger cell installed, and the car is also newly stiffened. Likewise was the bonnet redesigned, and both the radiator grill as well as the headlights completely redesigned.

He looks pretty wild rear spoiler on the Targa conversion, which ensures that the Golf 2 looks almost like a sporty pickup convertible. These were classic Clear glass rear lightswhich were very popular in the 1990s, but now enjoy a somewhat dubious reputation on a Golf. Last but not least, the Targa Golf rolls up Artec S1 Edition rims in 9,5 × 16-inch format on the front axle (ET 0) and 10,5 × 16-inch on the rear axle (ET -55) including coilover suspension. At the front there are tires in the dimensions 215/40, while slippers in the 245/35 format do their job on the rear axle. With this unique work of art you are absolutely sure ALWAYS the hero at every tuning meeting.

The interior is very spartan.

There are Seats, Steering wheel and free floating speedometer unit present, but all superfluous frills were remote or not installed at all. Fans of comfort and modern infotainment systems will not get their money's worth with this project.

VW Golf 2 Targa construction metal body kit tuning 4 VW Golf 2 Targa construction in metallic home work!

1,6 liter suction gasoline does its job.

An elderly man functions in the Golf 2 Targa 1,6-liter suction gasoline engine with an unregulated catalytic converter as the drive source. The unit performs modestly 72 PS, which makes the probably unique vehicle best suited for cruising comfortably through the landscape on beautiful summer days. The car is not designed for fast motorway journeys, but it is planned that a new engine will find its way into the Golf, as the said engine has already covered over 300.000 km. Unfortunately, we don't have more detailed information about the new engine for you yet.

Our conclusion on this VW Golf 2 Targa:

Quite impressivewhat body builder Steffen Zschiegner has put on the wheels with painstaking manual work. If you also liked the probably unique project, then you can click on the corresponding picture gallery that we have attached to the article at the end. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Photo credit: Karosserie Zschiegner

VW Golf 2 Targa construction metal body kit tuning 2 VW Golf 2 Targa construction in metallic home work!

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