VW Golf 3 "CL" with VR6 engine and contemporary tuning!

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VW Golf 3 CL VR6 engine tuning swap 7 VW Golf 3 CL with VR6 engine and contemporary tuning!

As is well known, there is the typical “pensioner golf”, which usually comes in the simplest equipment variant and in silver. Plus an automatic converter and one Nodding dachshund on the parcel shelf. But the cliché is also known in the worldwide tuning scene, and more and more VW Golf models, which one would expect from grandma and grandpa, are being bred to sleeper monsters with which one can reap puzzled looks on the autobahn. Older models from Wolfsburg, in particular, which are mostly second- or third-generation copies, are what the mostly young VW tuners like, and often bring back childhood memories, even if the vehicles are often older than the tuners themselves it is probably also the case in Brazil, where the specimen that we are introducing to you today is at home.

A golf with the most sparse equipment.

Everything was trimmed to sparse, because in reality this vehicle was once a VW Golf 3 GTI with 115 PS and respectable equipment. To bring the sleeper effect to perfection, Tuner built Gabriel Souza Prado de Almeida, which itself is not much older than its project vehicle, such as the Seats of a Golf 3 CL which are covered with simple fabric. Also were Steering wheel and center console freed from all the bells and whistles, and even manually adjustable exterior mirrors and crank windows find each other again.

In contrast to the sparse equipment, the chassis has been completely modified and there is now a Airride chassis from SURFACE Customs, which has an Air Lift 485 compressor and an Air Lift 3h control, in the Golf. In addition, is a Tank from AccuairEndo with the model name T installed in the trunk, the expansion of which was completed by the Brazilian tuning company Low Garage. Of course, there must be other rims on the Golf, and so after the 15-inch standard rims of a VW Passat B3 were removed, they became 17 × 8-inch Rotiform TMB rims mounted on the front axle, while the same wheel-tire combination on the rear axle has the format 17 × 9.

VW Golf 3 CL VR6 engine tuning swap 25 VW Golf 3 CL with VR6 engine and contemporary tuning!

All around were tires of the model P1 from the Pirelli brand mounted in the format 195/40 R17. That is a very special feature of the Golf 3 continuous strip of lights, which was available from Hella as an accessory.

2,8 liter VR6 suction gasoline engine provides propulsion.

VW Golf 3 CL VR6 engine tuning swap 12 VW Golf 3 CL with VR6 engine and contemporary tuning!

Even if you don't look at the good golf, which is so innocent and tame, it beats a potent one VR6 heart under the hood. With that he generates at least 174 PS, although we have strong doubts that the minimum performance has really remained. In addition, the Barenwald sports exhaust system with two tailpipes for a sonorous sound that should sound sonorous and harmonious thanks to the six cylinders. Incidentally, the power is transmitted via a Six-speed manual to the front wheels. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the exact driving performance and the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, but both should be sufficient to catch some puzzled glances from surprised road users.

Our Summary about this VW Golf 3:

A Sleeper as it is in the dictionary. Such a vehicle is just there to have fun with and to drive unsuspecting posers insane by relentlessly showing them the taillights. For a picture gallery of the car you just have to click on the article. If we get more information about the changes to the Wolfsburg, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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What am I? VW Golf 3 "CL" with VR6 engine and contemporary tuning!
Photo credit: John Fiuza

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