VW Golf 3 car tuning with wide body - more is always possible

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VW Golf 3 Car Tuning Widebody Widebody Kit Tuning VW Golf 3 Car Tuning with Breitbau more is always possible

Vehicle tuning is most likely to be known to many people in connection with lowering, loud exhaust systems and horsepower monsters. But there is also the chapter "optics"! When styling a car, it's not about the highest number of horsepower, but about the individualization of the vehicle outside and inside. The styling is usually carried out with accessories that are not actually intended for normal vehicle use needed becomes. The vehicle parts for the individual styling of a car include, for example, sports silencer, under the hood of sports air filters, design films, small details such as brake caliper paint, exhaust covers, design lights, sports springs, wheel spacers and many more car parts. The new styling of a car should not be rational, but above all fun. In this sense, every car can be styled to your heart's content. Necessary are the matching car parts. On the Internet, for example, matching items for the bestseller, VW Golf 3, as so-called Breitbau tuning available.

Golf 3 wide-body car tuning

VW Golf 3 Autotuning Widebody Widebody Kit Tuning 2 VW Golf 3 Car Tuning with Breitbau more is always possible

Anyone who loves and wants to tune the Golf 3 will still receive versatile products on the net. Whether design lights, speakers, screens, exhaust covers, grille, front grille, rear apron or other tuning parts, the Golf 3 (Volkswagen Golf III - internal type designation 1H) is far from being old-fashioned in the autotuning sector and was the most popular custom vehicle in its day. For example, for the Golf 3, broadband parts (Streetfighter Wide Body Kit, Clinched Bodykit, Optikwerk, Voomeran & Co.) available for a completely new look. But also countless sport springs and many other articles for the area of ​​chassis technology & Co. Tuning parts make the Golf 3 a real eye-catcher and make it stand out from the crowd of cars. Thanks to the versatile combination options of the tuning elements, the owner can let his imagination run wild. The Golf 3 wide body is probably the supreme discipline in the field of vehicle tuning on the MK3 and enables everyone to create a unique specimen.

A car is not just a means of transport


The Golf 3 is not only a simple means of transport, but is considered a cult car, which still arouses passion and emotion among golf enthusiasts. Compared to its predecessor Mk2 and also the Mk1, the 3er certainly does not have to hide on the popularity scale. Especially in relation to tuning. The Golf 3 Breitbau Tuning focuses on dynamics and sportiness. Of course, anyone who likes can also incorporate vehicle comfort into the tuning concept and install new seats, technical gadgets and even a roll cage in the MK3. Through targeted vehicle tuning, the value of the car can also be increased. Condition is of course a clean decent tuning that is registered in particular and therefore legal.

VW Golf 3 Autotuning Widebody Widebody Kit Tuning 3 VW Golf 3 Car Tuning with Breitbau more is always possible

Of course that had not happened yet!

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