Geneva Auto Show - 2020 VW Golf GTI, GTD and GTE (MK8)

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2020 VW Golf GTE MK8 19 Geneva Auto Show 2020 VW Golf GTI, GTD and GTE (MK8)

An automobile becomes an icon if the design DNA and character remain recognizable for decades. Again and again it is important to set strong impulses as an icon and thus provide new answers to the challenges of the time. Just like the Golf GTI. Volkswagen has been reinventing this icon of sporty compact cars for 44 years, despite the continuity of the concept generation after generation. The eighth reinvention of the Golf GTI is now making its debut. Newly designed and constructed, consistently digitized and networked. A Golf GTI on the cutting edge. A Golf family has long since emerged from the Golf 1 in 1976. In 1982 the first Golf GTD with a turbocharged turbo diesel followed, in 2014 the first Golf GTE with a plug-in hybrid drive. And so it is only logical that with the world premiere of the new Golf GTI, a new Golf GTD and a new Golf GTE will also make their debut. Three Golfs, three characters, three efficient and clean drive systems - but a design and equipment philosophy. GTI. There is the new Golf GTI; an agile, pure, efficient and fast high-tech compact sports car of the digital age with 180 kW (245 hp). GTE. With a system output of 180 kW, the new Golf GTE is now just as powerful as the Golf GTI; its hybrid drive designed for sporty performance combines electrical sustainability and zero-emission distances of around 60 km with great dynamism. GTD. The new Golf GTD takes off as a long-distance athlete. Here, an output of 147 kW (200 hp) contrasts with very large ranges.

sporty - the exterior

Dynamic front section. The design of the new, sporty Golf models reflects pure charisma. The standard LED headlights are arranged low and, together with the radiator grille, form a striking cross bar. There is a narrow line up to the bonnet that spans the front section - red in the case of the GTI, blue for the GTE and silver in the GTD. All typical insignia like the red grille frame of the first Golf GTI. If the daytime running lights are activated - if required, automatically by moving the driver closer with the key - an LED strip in the headlights accompanies the red, blue or silver line. The radiator grille is also illuminated for the first time - as a series continuation of the LED strip. This creates a completely new, distinctive front light design for the Golf GTI, GTE and GTD. Striking and unmistakable: the large, undivided, lower air inlet grille in the honeycomb pattern typical of these models; framed on the outside by a black appliqué, on the side designed as striking wings. The new GTI insignia also includes the fog lights now integrated in an X-shape in the air inlet grille (optional).

Striking silhouette. The side section attracts attention with the standard 17-inch “Richmond” alloy wheels. On request there are 18 or 19 inch rims in the case of the Golf GTI and GTD. Painted red: the brake calipers of the new sporty Golf models. The GTI and GTD also have a logo with the respective three letters on the side of the front fender. The GTE does not do this at this point, but is given an additional supply flap on the passenger side for charging the battery. Widened side skirts in black - designed as splinters in motorsport - characterize all three models. The front spoiler forms from this, the diffuser towards the rear. At the top of the silhouette, an individualized spoiler extends the line of the roof. The particularly distinctive design element of the side section is, however, the C-pillar typical of all Golf. It visually accelerates the body forward and transfers the iconic graphics of the original Golf and GTI to the modern era.

sporty roof spoiler on GTI, GTE and GTD

Sovereign rear end. The new Golf has a powerful shoulder and very strong rear section. This also benefits the new sporty models, which are equipped with LED taillights as standard. The GTI, GTE or GTD lettering is now located in the center under the VW logo instead of on the driver's side as before. Due to the roof spoiler pulled far back and its black border towards the rear window, the Golf GTI, GTE and GTD appear even flatter than the less powerful models. At the bottom, the new versions differ from the other versions of the series with a sporty diffuser. They also differentiate themselves from each other by the tailpipes of the exhaust systems: the GTI has a tailpipe on the left and right, the GTD on the left a double tailpipe; there are no tailpipes on the GTE.

The interior is also sporty

2020 VW Golf GTI MK8 11 Geneva Auto Show 2020 VW Golf GTI, GTD and GTE (MK8)

Insignia of dynamism. Since the debut of the first Golf GTI, this car fits like a perfectly fitting pair of jeans. From the very beginning, Volkswagen created distinctive insignia of dynamism with the many details of the interior: the sports steering wheel with three silver double spokes and the recessed Wolfsburg logo, the gear knob in the form of a black golf ball, GTI sports seats with a plaid and black seat -th areas - long cult.

Yes to history, yes to the future. Although Volkswagen digitized and networked the eighth Golf and thus the GTI, GTE and GTD to an unprecedented degree and thus catapulted far into the future, many of the original insignia are still present on board. However, the sports steering wheel from the past became a new multifunction sports leather steering wheel with touch controls and optionally integrated "Travel Assist" button to assist the powerful Golf models at speeds of up to 210 km / h. The three silver spokes have been preserved; in the GTI the middle clasp is finished with a red inner surface, in the GTE this area is blue and in the GTD silver. The classic check pattern of the sports seats is also indispensable. The new check design is called "Scalepaper"; in the GTI with red, in the GTE with blue and in the GTD with light gray seams in the gray-black checks. Depending on the model, all decorative stitching and edging are also available in red, blue or black.

Golf GTI, GTE and GTD with "Innovision Cockpit"

On the pulse of a new time. When the doors are opened, the "Innovision Cockpit" starts up in the Golf GTI, GTE and GTD. It is a fusion of the top version of the 10,25-inch “digital cockpit” (digital instruments) and a 10-inch navigation system. The optical and functional fusion of both screens creates a new, consistently digital architecture. The ambient light, which is also standard, immerses the displays and all other illuminated areas of the interior (control panel, door panels, coupling box for the smartphone and the footwell) in a spectrum of 30 freely configurable colors. The Golf GTI, which is equipped with a manual six-speed gearbox as standard, has a redesigned GTI gear knob. The GTI is optionally available with an automatic 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG); the GTD only has this DSG on board. In the case of the GTE, a 6-speed DSG developed for the hybrid drive is used. In general, the models equipped with DSG offer a “shift by wire” controlled circuit; the DSG shift lever itself is specifically designed. The functionality of the standard start / stop button for the drive systems of the three sporty Golfs has been individualized: after opening the doors, it pulsates red until the drive is started.

already heavily equipped as standard

The basic equipment. In general, every new Golf is equipped with assistance systems such as the lane keeping assistant "Lane Assist", the emergency braking assistant "Front Assist" with pedestrian and cyclist detection, the electronic differential lock XDS and Car2X (local communication with other vehicles and the traffic infrastructure) , Also standard: digital instruments and an infotainment system with the integrated mobile online services and functions from "We Connect" and "We Connect Plus". A multifunction steering wheel, a 1-zone automatic climate control ("Climatronic"), the keyless start system "Keyless Start", a Bluetooth telephone preparation, LED headlights, LED rear lights, LED daytime running lights, LED reading lights and two USB C sockets complete the standard equipment. This range of equipment is once again significantly expanded for the GTI, GTE and GTD.

The extended equipment. In the exterior, the equipment is expanded as outlined by the 17-inch light-alloy wheels, a specific front section, a grained rear diffuser, an independent roof edge spoiler, the corresponding model lettering, individual exhaust tailpipe systems, red-painted brake calipers and sill extensions. On the functional side, a sports suspension (only GTI and GTD; 15 mm lower) and the keyless start and lock system “Keyless Access” and corresponding light incidence are included. Inside, the top version of the "Digi-tal Cockpit" (multiple screen configurations) and the 10-inch navigation system merge to form the "Innovision Cockpit". The "Digital Cockpit" corresponds in color and graphics to the respective model. In many other details, the Golf GTI, GTE and GTD also differentiate themselves, as in the exterior, via the specific colors assigned to the respective drive: red (GTI), blue (GTE) and silver (GTD). The foot lever is always made of stainless steel.

245 hp / 2,0 liter turbo direct injection (EA888 evo4)

2020 VW Golf GTI MK8 22 Geneva Auto Show 2020 VW Golf GTI, GTD and GTE (MK8)

GTI with turbo gasoline. The new Golf GTI is powered by a 180 kW (245 hp) 2,0-liter turbo direct injection (EA888 evo4). The maximum torque is 370 Nm. The four-cylinder is coupled as standard to a manual 6-speed gearbox (MQ350). A 7-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG as DQ381) is optionally available.

Plug-in hybrid drive in the Golf GTE

GTE with plug-in hybrid. The plug-in hybrid drive of the Golf GTE essentially consists of a 1,4-liter turbo gasoline engine (TSI as EA211) with 110 kW (150 PS), the hybrid module with the electric machine (85 kW) and a 6-speed gearbox -DSG (DQ400e) and a new lithium-ion battery. The drive develops a maximum system output of 180 kW (245 hp) and a maximum system torque of 400 Nm. Compared to the predecessor, the purely electric range has been significantly increased; it is now around 60 km. The Volkswagen engineers achieve greater range thanks to the improved aerodynamics of the Golf and a 50 percent increase in battery energy to 13 kWh. Purely electrically, it can be driven at up to 130 km / h. If the battery is sufficiently charged, the Golf GTE always starts with electrical "E-Mode". If the energy content of the battery drops below a certain level or the speed increases to over 130 km / h, the drive switches to "Hybrid" mode. In "Hyb-rid" mode, the driver can continue to keep the battery charge level via three symbols on the infotainment system screen (using the equal sign "=") or increase it (arrow up "∧") or up to to let a defined level drop (arrow down "∨"). This makes it possible, for example, to drive into an urban target area electrically and thus emission-free even at the end of a long journey. In order to ensure the desired energy content in the battery at the destination, the battery manager takes predictive - forward-looking - road and topography data into account when route guidance is active. The battery usage is adjusted based on the route data in order to achieve an optimal electrical range.

2,0 liter four-cylinder turbodiesel (TDI) in the GTD


GTD with turbo diesel. A 2,0-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel (TDI) with an output of 147 kW (200 hp) works on board the long-distance athlete. The Golf GTD engine (EA288 evo series) impresses with a high maximum torque of 400 Nm; the TDI delivers this force even at very low engine speeds. Like all turbodiesels of the new Golf, the drive of the GTD is coupled to two SCR catalysts connected in series (SCR = Selective Catalytic Reduction). Thanks to this new twindosing SCR system with double AdBlue injection, nitrogen oxide emissions are significantly reduced compared to the predecessor. Volkswagen offers the Golf GTD as standard in combination with a 7-speed DSG (DQ381).

Golf GTI, GTE and GTD chassis

Comfort and dynamics improved. Volkswagen has further developed and perfected the chassis of the Golf GTI, GTE and GTD - a combination of a McPherson front axle and multi-link rear axle. For the first time, a new vehicle dynamics control system is used: the vehicle dynamics manager. The driving dynamics manager controls both the XDS function and the lateral dynamic components of the controlled dampers (optional DCC). The spread between maximum comfort and maximum dynamics is thus significantly increased, the driving dynamics properties are also sharpened. The adaptive chassis control DCC. The adaptive chassis control system DCC reacts permanently to the road surface and the driving situation, taking into account steering, braking and acceleration processes, for example. The driver can use the set driving profile mode to influence the reduction in body movements according to his taste. The damping required for each wheel is calculated in a split second and set on the four shock absorbers. The DCC thus offers the best driving comfort at all times and, in conjunction with the Driving Dynamics Manager, optimum driving dynamics. In the latest DCC generation, the setting in INDIVIDUAL mode can be expanded beyond the previous spectrum of the fixed modes COMFORT, ECO and SPORT. The driver can individually set and save his personal driving mode using a digital slider. Beyond COMFORT, the body is decoupled from the road as much as possible and driving comfort is increased even further. Above SPORT there is an extended setting range with maximum damping for minimized body movements and thus particularly direct driving behavior - pure GTI, GTD and GTE feeing.

2020 VW Golf GTD MK8 2 Geneva Auto Show 2020 VW Golf GTI, GTD and GTE (MK8)

Photos: Volkswagen (VW)

summarized the most important key data:


2020 VW Golf GTI MK8 21 Geneva Auto Show 2020 VW Golf GTI, GTD and GTE (MK8)

• Icon - generation 8. The new Golf GTI is a pure, efficient high-tech compact sports car of the digital age
• Turbo gasoline. The GTI engine is 180 kW (245 hp). It drives the forgery-proof original of the compact sports cars
• Shift faster. DSG with a new shift-by-wire circuit gets specific characteristics in the Golf GTI
• Stylish luminosity. LED headlights and LED taillights, exterior and interior ambient lights
• GTI charisma. Open front bumper with GTI wings and honeycomb grille, GTI diffuser with tailpipes on the left and right
• Motorsport features. Black, sharply cut side skirts form a line with front splitter and rear diffuser
• GTI valance. New multifunction sports leather steering wheel with touch controls, perforated leather and GTI clasp in chrome / red
• GTI of a new era. "Digital Cockpit" and 30-color ambient light including GTI-specific mode


2020 VW Golf GTE MK8 16 Geneva Auto Show 2020 VW Golf GTI, GTD and GTE (MK8)

• Electrified athlete. New performance plug-in hybrid combines electrical sustainability with great dynamism
• Turbo gasoline plus electric motor. 180 kW (245 hp) Golf GTE has reached the performance level of the Golf GTI
• Local zero emission. Battery with 50 percent more energy content (13 kWh) increases the electrical range to around 60 km
• Always start electrically. The Golf GTE's plug-in hybrid drive always starts electrically and is therefore emission-free
• Predictive hybrid control. The clever electronics of the GTE include GPS and route data in the control of the drive
• IQ.DRIVE (optional). "Travel Assist" supports in the Golf GTE by assisted steering, accelerating and braking (up to 210 km / h)
• GTE identifier. GTE without visible tailpipes (GTI with end pipe right and left, GTD with double tailpipe left)
• GTE instruments. "Digital Cockpit" and infotainment with GTE-specific efficiency and range indicators


2020 VW Golf GTD MK8 15 Geneva Auto Show 2020 VW Golf GTI, GTD and GTE (MK8)

• Long-distance athletes. The high efficiency of the new GTD engine enables very long ranges
• Turbodiesel. 147 kW (200 hp) of power and 400 Nm of torque are the key data for the most powerful Golf with a TDI engine
• Double SCR cat. Twindosing significantly reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx) of the TDI compared to the engine of the predecessor
• Always automatically. New Golf GTD comes with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG) as standard
• Standard LED headlights. GTD optionally with illuminated grille slat that merges into the LED headlights
• GTD insignia. Ventilation grille in honeycomb design, red brake calipers, illuminated grille and red pulsing start button
• GTD interior. 30-color ambient lighting and the new “digital cockpit” will offer an additional GTD mood
• Digitized GTD. New touch and slide surfaces, screens and shift-by-wire

2020 VW Golf GTD MK8 1 Geneva Auto Show 2020 VW Golf GTI, GTD and GTE (MK8)

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