VW Golf GTI (MK8) "Skylight" for the Wörthersee meeting!

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VW Golf GTI MK8 Skylight Concept 12 VW Golf GTI (MK8) Skylight for the Wörthersee meeting!

A GTI meeting without a special Golf from VW's youthful concept laboratory? Unthinkable! And of course that also applies to the year 2021. And this time you have one VW Golf GTE as a "Skylight" project put on its feet. And so far there was still a GTE-based trainee Golf for the GTI meeting nie. Unfortunately, you can see it at Lake Wörthersee should not. Because the GTI meeting is also canceled in 2021 due to the pandemic. So the GTE Skylight remains as a show car concept, just like the one VW ID.3 “Wörthersee” show car from VW trainees from Saxony, just the virtual show. But that works too. A total of 16 trainees from different professional groups built the Golf GTE according to their ideas. And the name is largely due to that Colors and lighting details traced back. Blue tones in particular play a decisive role here. Incidentally, one requirement was to create a bridge between the combustion engine (Golf GTI) and e-mobility (ID.3).

no changes to the drive

You have the drive train should not touched, which means that the 1.4 TSI OPF GTE still has a system performance of 245 PS & 400 NM. For this purpose, the chassis was screwed. There was a B16 coilover kit from Bilstein and instead of the 17-inch rims there are now specially painted 8,5 x 20-inch rims BBS CC-R Alus in combination with 235/30 tires installed.

VW Golf GTI MK8 Skylight Concept 13 VW Golf GTI (MK8) Skylight for the Wörthersee meeting!

Are further side skirts installed by the Golf 8 R and its own rear spoiler. And a look through the spokes of the Alus reveals a new one braking system from Brembo. There were new ones at the stern Stainless steel tailpipes designed for the particulate filter itself Exhaust System. The tailpipe trims have a honeycomb design and come from the 3D printer. In the Pure White painted body shows up with two-tone accent paintwork in Lapiz Blue and Catalina Blue and the Catalina details can also be seen on the trim on the grill and inside the headlights.

There was even a Golf R steering wheel

VW Golf GTI MK8 Skylight Concept 14 VW Golf GTI (MK8) Skylight for the Wörthersee meeting!

In addition, the number 13 is on the Catalina Blue mirror caps upset. And inside? There is a color coordination with regard to the exterior design. Here, too, heavenly Catalina blue tones can be seen, for example, on the decorative strips and the clasp from Golf R steering wheel. Front seats present themselves with luminous piping in combination with single felled seams in turquoise.

And those normally used in the door panels Ambient lighting is now built into the outside handles of the doors and can be controlled via the ambient lighting. And there's a painted one in the trunk Heck expansion with blue LED lighting. Even an e-longboard (mellow board) can be stowed and charged here and there is also enough space for helmets, knee, elbow and hand protectors.

HiFi system with an output of 3.110 watts

The highlight inside is clearly that Hifi with a total rated power of 3.110 watts. The complete vehicle was also used newly dammedso that the body does not resonate. And then there is the cool thing Hologram as GTE lettering from Volkswagen Group Components in the dashboard with boost function when the accelerator pedal is pressed and voice visualization. This means that the Wörthersee Golf 8 GTE Skylight project has finally become a sky-rocker. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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VW wants to use 3D printing processes in vehicle production!

Volkswagen 3D printing process 310x165 VW Golf GTI (MK8) Skylight for the Wörthersee meeting!

VW ID.3 “Wörthersee” show car from VW trainees!

2021 VW ID.3% E2% 80% 9EWoerthersee Showcar 1 310x165 VW Golf GTI (MK8) Skylight for the Wörthersee meeting!

Brand ambassador: H&R sport springs for the VW GOLF R.

VW Golf 8 R sport springs front 310x165 VW Golf GTI (MK8) Skylight for the Wörthersee meeting!

VW Golf GTI (MK8) “Skylight” for the Wörthersee!
Photo credit: Auto-Medienportal.Net/VW

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