Elegant VW Golf VIII GTI on Rays rims with 300 PS!

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Golf VIII GTI on Rays rims 25 Elegant VW Golf VIII GTI on Rays rims with 300 PS!

The eighth generation is likely to be one of the last generations of the conventional Golf GTI with a combustion engine, as the Volkswagen Group wants to concentrate completely on electromobility. It is even questionable how long there will be a Golf in the VW model portfolio, because the nomenclature of electric vehicles always begins with ID. And in terms of popularity, the VW Golf even had to give way to the SUV brother T-Roc for the first time, which was already sold more frequently this year in Germany than the legendary hatchback model. But that is certainly not a swan song for the Golf, as it simply has far too many fans around the world and, as a GTI model, it is impossible to imagine the tuning scene without it.

Black, subtle and classy!

Just imagine if there were no more tuned GTIs. The car scene would be one attraction poorer! Today we're introducing you to one Golf 8 GTI before, which is based in China, and from Kang & Zhou Performance Workshop stylishly and discreetly modified. There are many clichés about modified Golf GTI models, which are often decried as handicraft stalls, but this black GTI does not confirm the prejudices. With subtle side Front splinters von Maxton design equipped, and an inconspicuous roof spoiler, which comes from the same company, the GTI looks professional.

The theory that one everywhere nowadays Airride chassis belongs in, the vehicle also refutes because one KW DDC coilover kit with electronic damper control is installed, which pushes the Wolfsburg a little closer to the asphalt, but does not turn it into an asphalt milling machine. The underline the subtle visual impression RAYS TE37 rimsthat come in 18-inch format and with their six-spoke star optics, glossy black finish and red ring, perfectly match the sporty Lower Saxony. On the rims were Michelin Reifen in the format 225/40 R18 pulled up front and rear, which should help the Golf to a dynamic driving behavior.

Golf VIII GTI on Rays rims 17 Elegant VW Golf VIII GTI on Rays rims with 300 PS!

In order to come to a safe stop even from high speeds, there is also one Brembo brakes in the vehicle, which, with its red-painted brake calipers, generates a pleasant splash of color on the otherwise almost completely black GTI. A couple red accents However, they were attached far away from the brake calipers to loosen up the styling. This includes a vertical one, for example red stripe on the tailgate.

2 liter turbo gasoline engine with 300 hp

The standard EA-888 engine of the GTI was built using Chiptuning and a Sports exhaust system from APR to full 300 PS increased. Thus, the performance should also be significantly better than the production model. Unfortunately we don't know which gearbox is installed in the car, but in any case only the front wheels are driven.

Golf VIII GTI on Rays rims 14 Elegant VW Golf VIII GTI on Rays rims with 300 PS!

Our Summary for the VW Golf 8 GTI:

Respect to the tuners of Kang & Zhou performance, because the vehicle is optically successful. If you also liked the GTI, then you are welcome to click on the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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VW Golf VIII GTI on Rays rims with 300 PS from the Kang & Zhou Performance Workshop!
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