Friday July 23, 2021

VW ID.3 “Wörthersee” show car from VW trainees!

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2021 VW ID.3 "Woerthersee Showcar 1 VW ID.3" Wörthersee "Showcar from VW trainees!

The apprentices of Volkswagen Saxony have that very fresh VW ID.3 "Wörthersee" show car presents. 14 trainees from the Zwickau and Chemnitz plants and from the glass factory in Dresden contributed to this. You can immediately see the combination Matt and gloss colors from the color palette of Volkswagen, Bentley and Lamborghini on the body of the Stromer. There is also a special one Neon paint with fluorescent powder in the paint. This ensures special lighting effects and particularly underlines the design feature of the ID honeycomb on the C-pillar of the compact.

VW ID.3 "Wörthersee" show car

2021 VW ID.3 "Woerthersee Showcar 2 VW ID.3" Wörthersee "Showcar from VW trainees!

To do this, there are striking turns in the wheelhouses 21 inch forged wheels and even one integrated into the sheet metal Body widening with adaptation of the bumper there was. And the changes to the interior are also complex. Here the ID.3 shows itself with a lot Leather and Alcantara and the decorative seams of the sports seats and other parts of the cockpit were set off in color with bright neon accents, based on the look on the outside. Even Laser technology is used in the door panels to round off the individual overall concept. By the way, if you look closely, you will see that the ID.3 lacks the exterior mirrors because you have a high-quality virtual camera system integrated.

The trunk extension shows the drive concept of the ID.3

2021 VW ID.3 "Woerthersee Showcar 5 VW ID.3" Wörthersee "Showcar from VW trainees!

And, of course, we shouldn't go unmentioned the expansion of the trunk. He's through a printed and resinated pane visible and shows the drive concept of the ID.3. There was another Roll-over protective cage integrated. Traditionally, the ID.3 would have been presented at the annual GTI meeting at the Austrian Wörthersee over Himmelfahrt. However, after 2020, the meeting was also canceled this year due to Corona.

2021 VW ID.3 "Woerthersee Showcar 3 VW ID.3" Wörthersee "Showcar from VW trainees!

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VW Golf 2 Targa construction in "metallic" home work!

VW Golf 2 Targaumbau Metall Bodykit Tuning Header 310x165 VW ID.3 "Wörthersee" show car from VW trainees!

VW Arteon Big Sur - green one-off from the Enthusiast Fleet!

VW Arteon Big Sur Concept single piece Enthusiast Fleet 2021 Tuning Rotiform Header 310x165 VW ID.3 "Wörthersee" show car from VW trainees!

H&R sport springs for the VW GOLF R

VW Golf 8 R front sport springs 310x165 VW ID.3 “Wörthersee” show car from VW trainees!

VW ID.3 “Wörthersee” show car from VW trainees!
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