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1968 VW Beetle as Restomod with turbocharging!

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1968 VW Beetle Restomod turbo engine tuning 11 1968 VW Beetle as Restomod with turbocharging!

He runs and runs and runs. Especially in Latin American countries, the VW Beetle is still part of the street scene today, and regardless of whether it is called "Vocho" in Mexico or "Fusca" in Brazil, it is lovingly cherished, cared for and sometimes new by its loyal fans built up. Just like this beetle that was looking for you write-off on the scrap yard, and in 2013 as a so-called Restomod was rebuilt and heavily modified. tuner Andre, who is himself a member of the Uniao Fusca Clube Osasco, a Beetle tuning club in the city of Osasco in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, has lovingly restored the former total write-off and tuned it according to his wishes.

Black Beetle as Restomod show car!

First of all, André has the old Beetle newly painted, because the model was originally beige, and not black, In addition, a was coilover installed in the classic from Wolfsburg to lower the spherical Porsche a little bit. This creates a sporty, but not exaggerated impression that looks good on the oldie. From our point of view, it doesn't necessarily have to be Airride chassis if you want to modify a classic car in style.

The convex ones immediately catch the eye Loft rims with star optics, which come in 17-inch format, and the Tires in the format 205 / 40 R17 were mounted. Another highlight are definitely the massive ones Chrome bumpers front and rear, which give the car a massive impression. On the other hand, they are unusual yellow spotlightthat somehow don't really fit into the successful Restomod. In addition, the Rear engine cover offset to make room for a special surprise. We are of the opinion that you can definitely generate a lot of positive attention with this oldie, and that many car fans will probably feel transported back to the good old days, when nobody knew anything about electrification and autonomous driving.

The interior has been completely redesigned!

In the cockpit there is next to one Rev counter also caramel-colored ones Sports seats with leather cover. In addition, a 1 DIN 4,5 inch DVD player as well as Displays for boost pressure and oil pressure built-in. In order to be able to play songs or films in brilliant sound quality from the DVD, two 6 × 9 inches were installed in the rear Loudspeakers, and under it a 12 inch "Bazooka"Installed, which acts as a subwoofer. Both speakers and bazooka are powered by one 2400W mono and stereo amplifier supported with 4 channels to ensure excellent sound in the car. In our opinion, this Beetle cockpit can still be endured today, and the sound system means that longer distances can be covered stress-free.

The Beetle is powered by an air-cooled 1,7-liter boxer engine with turbocharging.

The engine is heavily modified, and was equipped with a turbocharger Mistake. In addition, held a electronic ignition and an Special carburetor Entry into the classic Beetle. The Five-speed manual comes from the legendary two-door sports coupe named VW SP2, which was specially developed for the Brazilian market and built exclusively on site. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the driving performance and the performance of the Beetle, but both should be sufficient to complete a trip into the countryside.

1968 VW Beetle Restomod turbo engine tuning 6 1968 VW Beetle as Restomod with turbocharging!

Our Summary about this 1968 VW Beetle:

We're pretty impressed with what the Brazilian tuner achieved in 2013. This finally proves that spectacular restomods do not necessarily have to come from the USA or Europe. To see pictures of the project, you are welcome to click on the gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

1968 VW Beetle Restomod turbo engine tuning 2 1968 VW Beetle as Restomod with turbocharging!

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1968 VW Beetle as Restomod with turbocharging!
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