Optimal - VW Phaeton on ICW Wheels & H&R wheel spacers

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You have decided! Almost two months have now passed since we presented our VW Phaeton on our Facebook timeline via Facebook voting. About the survey, we have let you vote on what to get for a set of wheels Wolfsburg. The choice was 18 inch V1 Wheels V2 SP + rims in elegant black and silver, 19 inch Keskin KT19 wheels in white or 20 inch large ICW BE1020 wheel set with 275er slippers all around. By a clear majority of 8.455 votes, the choice went to the ICW rims, which we then ordered. As you surely know, our Phaeton was used by Lowered tie rods and was up to now pretty ugly, 18 inch big winter wheels. Of course, that had to change for the summer.

VW Phaeton Tie Rods Lowering Tuning 2018 8 Optimal VW Phaeton on ICW Wheels & H & R Wheel Spacers
18 inch winter wheels

Of course, our 20 inch wheelset also has to meet certain requirements for the more than two-tonne thick ship. So comes the wheel set all around in 10 J x 20 inches with an ET60 and a payload per wheel of lush 1025 kg. Of course, the tires must therefore also have a high load capacity. That's why we use the 275 / 35 ZR20 Nankang slippers with a load index of 102. The wheelset comes with an opinion, which means that an individual approval by an expert is inevitable. By the way: In the year 2011 the Phaeton was delivered ex factory with 20-Zoll-rims optional. Here was the chic one Megara-wheel set in the dimensions 9 × 20 inches for flimsy 4.700 €.

VW Phaeton Megara Rims 20 Customs Optimal VW Phaeton on ICW Wheels & H & R Wheel Spacers
4.500 € Megara wheel set ex works (optional)

The wheel set is milled from solid and a wheel therefore weighs only 12,8 kg. The optic convinces with a highly polished and sealed surface. It is stocked as well as our wheelset with 275 / 35 R 20 tires. The Megara rim, however, is narrower, because it has a width of 9 J. Our rims have 10 J, which means that they are 2,5 cm wider. To make matters worse, our wheel set brings a offset of ET60 and the original Megara rim has an ET46. This combination means that our wheelset is still in the front and rear, despite the wider rims. This brings some problems.

Rims sit too far inside and drag

VW Phaeton 20 Customs ICW HR Track Tuning 85 e1522047225454 Optimal VW Phaeton on ICW Wheels & H & R Wheel SpacersWhile the rolling circumference has remained identical to the optional 20-inch Megara rims (still 213 cm) and therefore no changes in the ground clearance or even a speed deviation are accompanied, this behaves completely differently in the position of the wheels. The outer edge of the wheels slips only slightly (about 0,15 mm) further inwards, which is barely visible on the outside. Worse, however, is the fact that the inside of the wheelset moves fattening 2,67 cm further inwards. This has the consequence that the tire edge is applied directly to the damper. In the end, this looks visually very unappetizing and the vehicle also loses its driving ability. A similar picture emerges on the front axle, where the tire drags directly on the spring plate. So, what options are there for us to block our wheelset? Either we buy a new rim set of at least one ET46 (or a little less), or we can make sure, by means of wheel spacers, that there is still enough distance to the chassis parts.

⚠ Test - rear axle with 30mm per side ➡ click

Trak + wheel spacers - from MR

But those who are looking for track plates (spacers / adapter plates / spacers / wheel spacers) for his vehicle will quickly become aware of two different systems. There is the system DRA as well as the variant DR, We have both options for you recently closer illuminatedso we will not go into that at this point. Ultimately, we favor the system DRA decided. This gives us the opportunity to install even the winter wheels or just another set of wheels. You can always use the matching wheel bolts of the rims and screw them into the wheel spacers. With the DR system there is a risk that the included, extended wheel bolts should not compatible with multiple rims.

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