Rendering: VW T5 bus becomes the Audi TS6 bus by

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As you can see our train of thought was this time an option to show how it could look like when the Ingolstadt-based company Audi decides to develop a practical bus with a face typical of Audi. Of course, we didn't reinvent the wheel here, but simply took a VW T5 Multivan as the basis. In addition to a whole lot of tuning components such as removed door handles, significant lowering, large rear window or small details such as the removed indicators in the fenders, the main focus was of course on the completely changed front. We kept the standard bumper of the T5 and used the honeycomb-look typical RS grid in it. The radiator grille also comes from an Audi (RS6 C7) and the darkened headlights, with their LED daytime running lights, are from the Ingolstadt top model. What do you think? Audi and a bus? Or is it like BMW with the 2 Series Active Tourer, which somehow just doesn't want to fit into the program?

Upgrade 12.2018 with Video (klick)

Audi TS6 bus tuning rendering: VW T5 bus becomes the Audi TS6 bus by

We have made the following virtual changes:

  • Lowering
  • Headlights from the Audi RS6 C7 Avant
  • Audi RS6 grille top and bottom
  • Grille with thicker braces and without chrome
  • Slices tinted
  • Fog lights tinted
  • Door handles removed
  • Fog lights tinted
  • Door rail removed
  • rear part with large side window
  • Blinker in the fender removed
  • TS6 emblem in the grille


News from 20.03.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX

In order to start 2017 in the tuning summer, we have donated a new wheel set for our Audi TS6 bus. We have installed a 21 inch BBS wheelset that is completely polished and also a bigger brake system including red calipers is now available.

VW T5 bus Audi TS6 bus tuning BBS rims rendering: VW T5 bus becomes the Audi TS6 bus by tuningblog.euFollowing you can find the original and as you can see are especially the smart alloy wheels and a lowering in reality no problem at all. So if you feel like having your T5 / T6 become more sporty the best is to ask directly LS-wheel design !

vw t5 t6 bus multivan 20zoll konkarve alloy wheels summer wheels rims 2753520 Rendering: VW T5 bus becomes Audi TS6 bus by

Now our question to you, what do you think of that? Would you like the converted T5 as modified by us on the computer or would that be "Too much" and yet a number too blatant? In any case, I would be happy to see the car in this way or at least something like it on our streets and could imagine that it is quite an eye-catcher. 🙂 Ps. If you want to see more virtually tuned vehicles from just click HERE!

Here's a little taste:

21 Zöller & Widebody Kit BMW M4 F82 Coupe by tuningblog

BMW M4 F82 coupe widebody 21 inch 310x165 Rendering: VW T5 bus becomes the Audi TS6 bus by

Rendering: Evil BMW M4 F82 Coupe by

4 F82 Tuning Red 2 310x165 rendering: VW T5 bus becomes the Audi TS6 bus by

Pink Audi RS5 Coupe with A7 FL lights by

Audi RS5 A5 Coupe Pink Coating A7 Headlight 1 310x165 Rendering: VW T5 Bus becomes Audi TS6 Bus by

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