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Slammed VW T5 TDI camper van with fat tuning!

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VW T5 TDI camper Airride Radi8 Tuning 1 Slammed VW T5 TDI camper with fat tuning!

A VW T5 is without a doubt the most popular camper in the world. Not only in Germany, but worldwide, the legitimate successor to the Bulli enjoys great popularity when it comes to converting it into a suitable motorhome. Traveling with kids and being able to enjoy the freedom of not having to go to a specific travel destination is absolutely hip, especially in Corona times. But if you think that all campers have to look the same and are more for retirees who want to enjoy their retirement, you are mistaken. Today we're introducing you to a modified one Camper van based on a VW T5, which combines sportiness, coolness and practicality and is therefore unrivaled.

Drive deeper, live nicer!

This vehicle was made by the British tuner Steven Kirkby, the head of the company Paintworx in Loughborough, England, creates and steals the show from many a mega-camper, which costs hundreds of thousands of euros.

VW T5 TDI camper Airride Radi8 Tuning 3 Slammed VW T5 TDI camper with fat tuning!

The Multivan coincides with its light blue Painting immediately, and that too ABP Bilstein Airride chassis, that with a e-level control comes from Accuair, is an absolute highlight with the enormous draft at zero bar. Together with the 20-inch alloy wheels by Radi8 called r8sd11 the tuning measures ensure a show effect without provoking too much. Everything on the exterior of the car is sporty, but discreet, kept, and looks highly professional modified. the front lip looks dynamic, and the Hatchbackwhich was only retrofitted and replaced the rear butterfly doors, turns the former craftsman's vehicle into a veritable car with accommodation, which should also attract everyone's attention at every VW tuning meeting.

VW T5 TDI camper Airride Radi8 Tuning 11 Slammed VW T5 TDI camper with fat tuning!

In addition, all of the chrome trim remoteto give the car a sportier look. From our point of view, the camper is not only something for long journeys and tuning meetings, but also for everyday use, as it is not too bulky to be used as a Daily Driver to use.

Comfortable interior with a sporty character

As soon as you open the rear sliding door, which is located on the passenger side, an interior awaits you that will make GTI fans rave about. Classic Check seat covers As far as the eye can see, take up the VW popular sport history and take action folding table as well as a mobile one Refrigerator ensure that you can live comfortably in the vehicle for some time, even in summer.

VW T5 TDI camper Airride Radi8 Tuning 4 Slammed VW T5 TDI camper with fat tuning!

They are joining them pop-up roof and an Doppelbett by Rusty Lee RnR, which looks comfortable and offers enough space for two people to sleep. A rotatable passenger seat is also located in the vehicle to further increase comfort. Not to be forgotten, of course Alpine sound system called ILX 5903 d, which is equipped with a subwoofer and tweeters to produce a good sound in the car.

2,5-liter five-cylinder TDI provides propulsion

VW T5 TDI camper Airride Radi8 Tuning 9 Slammed VW T5 TDI camper with fat tuning!

The standard 174 hp turbodiesel was developed with the help of some modifications hoisted to around 260 hp. The engine tuning measures include a Exhaust system without cat, Forge intercooler, bigger injectors, Hybrid turbocharger and an Remapping the engine software. The power is transmitted via a Six-speed manual on the front wheels. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the torque, but it should be perfectly sufficient to drive the rolling wall unit in a manner appropriate to one's status. Equipped in this way, you can speed down the motorway with all your kids, provided that the speed limit doesn't put a spanner in the works.

The Summary to this extraordinary VW T5:

A British tuner proves that campers can also look cool without being nostalgic. If you also like the vehicle, we recommend you take a look at the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we receive more details about the VW T5 in a timely manner, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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VW T5 TDI camper van with fat tuning!


VW T5 TDI camper Airride Radi8 Tuning 1 Slammed VW T5 TDI camper with fat tuning!

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