Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Deep & impractical - VW T6 Transporter tuning flatbed

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While it is almost a matter of course to tune a VW T5 / T6 Multivan, the whole thing looks completely different with the practical offshoot, in the form of the flatbed. Understandably, this model variant is preferred on construction sites and as a rule all vehicles are white, or if something special should be gray or blue. But we thought that the tuning could also look good on a construction site vehicle and have modified this T6 flatbed properly. For this purpose we installed a set of 21 inch aluminum rims in matt black and painted the brake calipers of the brake system yellow. The body has also been changed and so we have "chopped" the roof, which ensures that the transporter looks more compact and dynamic. Of course, a significant lowering could not be missing and darkened main headlights from the current A6 C7 were also installed on the front, with an extended bonnet and radiator grille without a VW emblem. In the end we removed the door handles and are of the opinion that the vehicle is anything but practical, but it looks kind of cool, doesn't it?

VW T6 Transporter Tuning flatbed & inconvenient VW T6 Transporter Tuning flatbed

We have made the following virtual changes:

  • 21 inch aluminum wheels in matt black
  • Yellow brake calipers
  • Roof chopped
  • significant lowering
  • darkened headlights of the Audi A6 C7
  • extended bonnet
  • Grille without VW emblem
  • Door handles removed

⚠ or with Volvo V90 headlights? ⬇

VW T6 Transporter Flatbed Volvo V90 Spotlight Deep & inconvenient VW T6 Transporter Tuning flatbed

Now our question to you, what do you think of that? Would you like the construction site vehicle as we modified it on the computer or would that be “Too much” and yet a number too blatant? In any case, I would be happy to see the car like this or at least something like it on our streets and could imagine that it is quite an eye-catcher. 🙂 Ps. If you want to see more virtually tuned vehicles from just click HERE!

Here's a little taste:

Mega bold - AUDI RS6 C7 Avant Widebody by

Widebody Audi RS6 C7 Avant 310x165 Deep & inconvenient VW T6 Transporter Tuning flatbed

Rendering: Chrome green on the Audi RS6 C7 Avant by

Chromgr% C3% BCn Audi RS6 C7 Avant tuning 2016 310x165 Deep & inconvenient VW T6 Transporter Tuning flatbed

Rendering: BMW G30 M5 sedan by

tuning 2018 BMW M5 F90 g30 310x165 Deep & inconvenient VW T6 Transporter Tuning flatbed

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Smava tuning blog credit deep & impractical VW T6 Transporter tuning flatbed

youtube Deep & inconvenient VW T6 Transporter Tuning flatbed

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  1. Does anybody know the name of the company that carried out this Volvo headlight conversion please? I believe it's a German company? Thanks

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