Monday, July 26, 2021


The manufacturer Wey (Chinese: 魏) is a brand of the Chinese automobile manufacturer Great Wall Motors. The brand was first introduced in 2016 at the Guangzhou Auto Show. Some time later, sales of the first vehicles started in 2017. Wey positions itself as the luxury brand of the group and presented three concept vehicles in SUV format with the vehicles W01, W01 eAD and W02. The engine is based on the two-liter gasoline engine known from the Haval H7, which was combined with two electric motors in the W01 eAD. The plug-in hybrid has a system output of 268 kW (364 hp) and ensures acceleration to 6,9 km / h in just 100 seconds. Completely electric, the vehicle drives up to 50 kilometers. Another vehicle is the Wey VV2017, presented in 7, as the brand's first production vehicle, which came to dealerships in China on April 27, 2017. Derived from him is the GT variant, which was even refined by the German tuner Brabus and celebrated its world premiere at the IAA in September 2019. A short time later, Wey launched the VV5 as a smaller version, which is positioned under the VV7.