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Wheelsandmore Mercedes AMG GTC Tuning Cascais 4

The good news is: The Mercedes AMG GTC Roadster is finally available! The bad news: Storms are approaching, the nights seem eternally long as it is already getting dark at 16 p.m., the daytime temperatures tend towards zero or less! Now a relaxed, sporty ride in the new Mercedes-Benz AMG GTC Roadster is anything but appropriate. But this current "condition" does not apply everywhere in the world and so customers in always sunny regions can now enjoy the open car from Stuttgart! Since Wheelsandmore from Baesweiler in the Lower Rhine (near Düsseldorf) has long been delighting customers with appropriate performance components with an affinity for national borders, the new “Cascais” tuning program is still just the thing.

Wheelsandmore Mercedes AMG GTC Tuning Cascais 3

The nickname Cascais is based on one of the westernmost mainland cities in Europe. Cascais is close to the Estoril racetrack in Portugal and Wheelsandmore found the addition appropriate, as the company's changes are inviting the racetracks of the world to hunt. One likes to go to the physically feasible limits and that should also be visible in the name. The Cascais from luxury tuner Wheelsandmore enables even better performance and performance of the Stuttgarter thanks to the finest additions. The additional power in particular is a highlight because in the largest stage III, Wheelsandmore pushes the engine power of the AMG Roadster by another 123PS & 140Nm torque to a remarkable 680 PS & 820 NM.

Wheelsandmore Mercedes AMG GTC Tuning Cascais 2

Values ​​that easily put the top model AMG GT R in the shade. The reason for the increase is in particular the revised turbocharger, high-quality sport catalysts and a high-throughput, extremely light flap exhaust system made of Inconel 625. Wheelsandmore installed a variant in which the exhaust flaps can be operated using the original switch if desired. Is the performance a little too much of a good thing? No problem! Two more "moderate" power levels with 590 or 626 hp are also available. From the point of view of the tuner, the very positive driving behavior ex works can also be "optimized" even further.

Wheelsandmore Mercedes AMG GTC Tuning Cascais 5

Thanks to various suspension solutions, it matures to perfection. If you just want a lowering while retaining the existing functions, Wheelsandmore has height-adjustable springs in its range. Should it be used on the racetrack? Then a coilover kit that is freely adjustable in rebound and compression is recommended, which was developed by the performance partner KW. The system comes with a hydraulically adjustable solution on the front axle and thus enables a certain everyday suitability. And optically you have come up with something. A set of FIWE forged wheels in silk matt black is added to lower the vehicle.

Wheelsandmore Mercedes AMG GTC Tuning Cascais 1

The ultra-concave three-part models carry 9,0 × 21 inches with 245/30/21 Michelin tires on the front axle and there are heavy 12,5 × 21 inch formats with 325/25/21 Michelin Pilot Supersport tires on the rear. If we get more details about the changes, there will of course, as always, be an update for this report. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Wheelsandmore Mercedes AMG GTC Tuning Cascais 4

(Photos: Wheelsandmore)

These are the changes for the GT C:

  • Name: Mercedes AMG GTC Cascais
  • Performance increase in 3 stages
    - Stage III + 123PS and 140Nm torque on 680 PS & 820 NM (revised turbocharger, sport catalysts, flap exhaust system made of Inconel 625)
    - Stage II 626 hp
    - Level I 590 hp
  • Lowering by means of height-adjustable springs or by means of freely adjustable coilover suspension from KW (with hydraulically adjustable solution for the front axle)
  • Wheel model FIWE (multi-part forged rim, satin black, ultra concave, front axle 9,0 × 21 inches with 245/30/21 Michelin and rear axle in 12,5 × 21 inches with 325/25/21 tires)

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