Video: Widestar Brabus G700 Adventure Mercedes-AMG G 63

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Widestar Brabus G700 Adventure Mercedes AMG G 63 W463A Tuning 21

The Brabus is one of the most versatile tuners in the world, they show us again and again. The Bottrop-based company can, for example, convert a G63 AMG so that it can either for off-road use as a also suitable for fast chasing on the road. The best example is this 2021 Mercedes-AMG G 63 Brabus G700 Widestar Adventure from the team of Platinum Motorsport. In this case, the tuner acted as a kind of "mediator" between Brabus and the USA and was responsible for the conversion of the G63. After the tuner had offered a cost estimate of 150 to 160.000 US dollars, the customer decided to have the 2021 Mercedes-AMG G 63 converted. The vehicle was natural at this price will not included. First and foremost was the technical upgrade of the G700. As the name suggests, the hand-assembled AMG 4,0-liter biturbo V8 engine is no longer 585 hp, but no less than 700 PS drive the monster.

Widestar Brabus G700 Adventurer Mercedes-AMG G 63

It continues with a complete one Brabus Widestar program made of carbon. Among other things, a new one belongs to him Front and rear apron, there were fender flares all around, side skirts, a powerful one bonnet, a new radiator grill with a large Brabus logo, a special swiveling one Brabus spare wheel holder and even one roof spoiler in front with additional lights as well as a powerful one roof rack there has been a lot of accessories. Even the strong one winch we don't want to leave it unmentioned here. And then there is the special one Off-road program from Brabus. Adventure treatment includes one Höherlegung for the chassis and of course there were also all-terrain ones Brabus HD rims with all-terrain tires. Finally, the cabin is refined with a red one Leather seats and lots Carbon.


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Widestar Brabus G700 Adventur Mercedes-AMG G 63

Widestar Brabus G700 Adventure Mercedes AMG G 63 W463A Tuning 21

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