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That's all it takes - Clinched Widebody Ford Mustang GT

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That's all it takes - Clinched Widebody Ford Mustang GT

He'll trump them all at the upcoming SEMA Auto Show (October 31st)! The team from Westlake Village (USA - Los Angeles) comes from clinched and they have developed a carbon body kit for the current Ford Mustang GT (S550) that recently presented Liberty Walk Mustang, from Galpin Auto Sports and also the one from fiberglass Mafia, in our opinion, dwarfs. Everything is even more extreme, even more massive, even wider and just even more crazy. For the front bumper there is a complete sub-component with a huge integrated front spoiler and significantly widened ends that connects to extremely conspicuous fender flares at the front.

That's all it takes - Clinched Widebody Ford Mustang GT

The bumper looks significantly beefier and is clearly pulled down and just as extreme are the patch extensions for the front fenders. Although we do not know any dimensions, we assume that at least 5-7 cm will be added to each side. The flares for the fenders come with large ventilation ducts and are fastened with visible screw connections similar to the components of Liberty Walk. Fittingly, there are of course also massive side skirts which merge into monstrous extensions for the side walls behind. Again, it is only a guess, but certainly the Mustang at the rear should be grown per side by at least 10 cm in width.

⚠ another bitter variant ➡ klick

That's all it takes - Clinched Widebody Ford Mustang GT

The rear extensions also come with large air openings and thus match the style of the front fenders. There is also a large spoiler lip in ducktail style for the trunk lid, which has also been given a complete panel for the rear window. On the other hand, the Mustang's rear apron is apparently untouched. But only if you disregard the fact that the fender flares on the right and left take up a large part of the rear apron anyway. And a new bonnet is also part of the body kit and this comes with air vents on the right and left as well as a huge power dome and rounds off the massive appearance from the front.

That's all it takes - Clinched Widebody Ford Mustang GT

Of course, the color combination of the yellow paintwork in connection with the chic carbon fiber of the widebody components is particularly noticeable on the presentation vehicle. There is a high probability that the components will also be available as a paintable variant, we are sure of that. Other changes are an extreme lowering which is certainly due to an Airride air suspension, an approx. 20 inch glossy black painted wheel set, attachments for the rear side windows and a grille with distinctive additional lights and without the typical Mustang emblem.

That's all it takes - Clinched Widebody Ford Mustang GT

Much more is due to the little information available to us at the moment unfortunately not to say so that we leave it for the time being in the pictures. But we hope that changes very fast and the first video will be released soon. Of course, if we get new details, there is, as always, an update for this report. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will get in touch immediately. We wish you a lot of fun watching the pictures.

(Photos: clinched)

These are the changes to the Ford Mustang GT:

  • Carbon widebody kit (bumper base with integrated front spoiler, front fender flares with ventilation ducts, side skirts, flares for the rear side walls with air openings, spoiler lip in ducktail style, cladding for the rear window, bonnet with air openings and power dome, attachments for the rear side windows with distinctive additional lights)
  • about 20 inches big shiny black wheelset
  • Lowering (coilover suspension, airride air suspension - more information is not available)
  • darkened / tinted windows all around
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)
  • possibly a sports exhaust system (more information is not available)

That's all it takes - Clinched Widebody Ford Mustang GT

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That's all it takes - Clinched Widebody Ford Mustang GT

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That's all it takes - Clinched Widebody Ford Mustang GT

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That's all it takes - Clinched Widebody Ford Mustang GT

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News from 14.11.2017

As mentioned above, Clinched seems to have another Ford Mustang widebody project on the grid. However, so far only virtual images are available but the body kit is identical to the one on the yellow copy from above. Our focus on this vehicle is definitely on the wheelset which is certainly a matter of taste, but we like it very much and only raises the question of an adequate brake cooling. What do you all mean?

Maybe there will soon be an update with information and pictures. If this is the case we will of course also put it online and inform you about it.

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