Widebody Nissan GT-R on Forgiatos from Race! South Africa

Liberty Widebody Nissan GT R Nismo tuning Seibon Carbon Armytrix 1

"Once the full program please and if possible a little more"! The order for this Nissan GT-R Nismo conversion from tuner RACE! SOUTH AFRICA from Johannesburg (South Africa). The Japanese was completely transformed and has little in common with the series. Starting with the extensive widebody kit, the brutal lowering to the huge wheelset everything is in XXL format. But let's start with the body parts. The owner has decided for an aerodynamic kit from the house Liberty Walkthat we have already seen on different GT-R's.

Liberty Widebody Nissan GT R Nismo tuning Seibon Carbon Armytrix 8

It comes with extremely wide fenders, including exposed glands, large front splitter, crazy rear diffuser and a huge fixed GT4-style rear spoiler (Version II). Not available on the part of Liberty Walk, however, is a bonnet for the GT-R. Here you have without further ado on the shelf of SEIBON carbon gripped and installed a hood with distinctive carbon Powerdome and two additional air intakes right and left. In general, many components such as the front splitter, the side canards, etc. are held in the noble Sichtcarbon and due to the red body particularly clearly visible.

Liberty Widebody Nissan GT R Nismo tuning Seibon Carbon Armytrix 5

For Lackkleid we currently have no other information. But we assume that it is not This is a foliation but a classic finish. Background is the one for the widebody fenders the bodywork in any case cut out must be and thus subsequent painting is inevitable. So let's think about the RACE! completely painted the GT-R after adapting the components. In contrast, however, the many lettering of Race !, the built-in manufacturers and the start numbers are completely covered in every case. Apart from the BodyKit another highlight is of course the Hardcore wheelset from the house Forgiato Wheels.

Liberty Widebody Nissan GT R Nismo tuning Seibon Carbon Armytrix 11

If you are looking for something extreme, you can always rely on the American wheel manufacturer, and of course there was something for the GT-R. Installed is an 5 chrome-plated alloy rim in an estimated 21 inch that fills the wheel arches completely with incredibly huge rim beds. To ensure that the GT-R also dived neatly in the direction of the road, a huge lowering was inevitable. Here was nothing else than an Airride air suspension into consideration to be able to respond individually to the road conditions at any time. One decided for a system of AIRREX, that the driver can comfortably control by means of Handyapp.

Liberty Widebody Nissan GT R Nismo tuning Seibon Carbon Armytrix 10

An ARMYTRIX sports exhaust system with four huge chrome-plated tailpipes gives the V6-BiTurbo a hearing and it is very likely that something has also happened under the hood. Not surprising here would be an increase in performance to well over 800 PS, which is not even something special with a GT-R. Definitely a particularly extreme bullet that doesn't quite meet our taste - but also does not have to. If we receive information on further changes to the Nisom conversion that have not been mentioned before, there will of course be an update for this report, as always. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Liberty Widebody Nissan GT R Nismo tuning Seibon Carbon Armytrix 12

(Photos: RACE! South Africa)

These are the changes to the Nissan GT-R:

  • Liberty Walk widebody kit (extremely wide fenders with exposed fittings, front splitter, rear diffuser, GT4-Style rear spoiler version II)
  • Bonnet of SEIBON carbon with carbon power domes and two air intakes
  • lateral canards
  • Body completely painted in red
  • various foliations
  • Wheel set from Forgiato Wheels (chrome-plated 5 spoke alloy rim)
  • Lowering by AIRREX airride air suspension (controlled by Handyapp)
  • ARMYTRIX sport exhaust system with four chromed tailpipes
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)

Liberty Widebody Nissan GT R Nismo tuning Seibon Carbon Armytrix 9

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Widebody Nissan GT-R on Forgiato Wheels

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