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Extreme widebody Infiniti G35 on Vossen x Work wheels

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Widebody Infiniti G35 Vossen x Work Tuning 3 Extreme widebody Infiniti G35 on Vossen x Work wheels

Admittedly, an Infiniti G35 from 2004 is not necessarily the absolute eye-catcher. While the vehicle did not stand a chance against comparable German models when it was presented, it looks even more dramatic after 12 years. In my opinion, the optics in particular are getting on faster than the BMW 3 Series Coupé and Co. But the current vehicle, which was recently presented on the Vossen Wheels timeline, cannot be compared in any way with the staid production vehicle. The owner (Owner of "Slammered INC") lovingly calls his treasure "GreenGoblin"What too good German as much as"Green Leprechaun“Is called and rightly so. The vehicle owes its nickname to the extremely conspicuous Signal Grünen (Signal Green) Paint that comes from the Porsche Regal. But right after painting, the megafette widebody kit from the manufacturer APR comes to light. The body kit was of course not just installed but perfectly and individually adapted to the body of the G35. This was certainly not an easy job, especially in the area of ​​the bumpers, because the transition from the much widened fenders must first be achieved. One of the highlights is certainly the large side skirts that blend seamlessly into the extremely widened side wall at the back. The built on the rear huge fixed rear wing also came from APR, only the front lip is from the manufacturer Chargspeed.

you have to watch the video

The new body parts are so bold that the beefy 20 inch Vossen VWS-1 rims in 12J at the rear and 10J at the front easily fit. Of course, the G35 must not be traveling with the standard chassis and so there was no alternative to a Accuair Elevel Airride suspension that pushes the Japanese down to the last millimeter in the direction of the road. But what use is the optics if the tired standard V6 is still tinkering under the hood. What should we say, thanks to the Greddy Bi-Turbo conversion, the G35 is now shaking a brilliant 670 hp out of its sleeve! However, if you take a look under the hood you can hardly believe that this engine has ever been running, not a crumb can be seen. Crazy ... Of course it is understandable that the almost 700 PS also want to be heard, with a 3 inch downpipe and a specially made sports exhaust system that is also ensured. And a lot has happened in the interior too, the Infiniti got Bride bucket seats, an 8-point roll cage, a new steering wheel and much more. The overall project is certainly a unique vehicle that shows particularly impressively what skillful tuning can do with a seemingly boring and more than ten year old coupé. If we get more information about further modifications made to the G35, there is of course, as always, an update for this post. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos.

Widebody Infiniti G35 Vossen x Work Tuning 1 Extreme widebody Infiniti G35 on Vossen x Work wheels

(Photos: Vossen Wheels)

These are the changes to the Infiniti G35:

  • Name: GreenGoblin -> Green Goblin
  • Base: 2004 Infiniti G35 Coupe
  • 20 Inch Vossen VWS-1 Rims (20 x 10 / 20 x 12)
  • Accuair Elevel Airride chassis (Bc Er Shocks, Uas Bags)
  • Apr widebody kit
  • Apr rear wing
  • Chargspeed front lip
  • Carbon Splitter
  • 8-point roll cage
  • Bride bucket seats
  • new steering wheel
  • revised engine
  • modified Greddy Bi-Turbos
  • Cosworth intake manifold
  • double-intercooler
  • 3 Custom Downpipe Custom
  • Custom ss sports exhaust system
  • Haltech Standalone Chiptuning
  • Grille without emblem
  • black headlights in front
  • black foiled roof
  • Tailgate without emblem

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Liberty Walk Nissan GT R VWS 3 Vossen Tuning 1 310x165 Extreme Widebody Infiniti G35 on Vossen x Work wheels

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Vossen Wheels CVT alpinwei% C3% 9F F5 Touring Tuning 11 1x310 Extreme Widebody Infiniti G165 on Vossen x Work wheels

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Nissan Maxima Vossen VFS6 tuning body kit 2016 4 310x165 Extreme Widebody Infiniti G35 on Vossen x Work wheels

extreme is not possible

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