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MC Customs Widebody Jeep Wrangler Tuning Offroad 9

And again we have a vehicle from the Miami-based tuner MC Customs discovered. This time it is a Jeep Wrangler who has undergone a complete metamorphosis and is barely recognizable. Almost every component on the Wrangler has been redesigned and, moreover, there has been an extreme chassis setup which probably does not raise any questions regarding off-road characteristics. But let's start with the new body parts.

MC Customs Widebody Jeep Wrangler Tuning Offroad 5

The tuner installed completely new front and rear fenders which are much wider than the standard parts, front and rear bumpers made of metal with large towing lugs and auxiliary lights, a particularly distinctive radiator grille with grim look, the rear door got a full-fledged spare wheel donated and a complete new bonnet with mighty Powerdome gave it. And unmistakably, the suspension is no longer in the approach to compare with the series.

MC Customs Widebody Jeep Wrangler Tuning Offroad 10

Here, by means of a significant increase in height, at least 4-6 inches and a two-color wheel set including 37 inch off-road tires ensure a tremendous increase in bodywork, and reaching the cab is likely to be a sporting act. And also for an additional improved illumination of the road has been taken care of because the off-road driver got LED headlights in front, a LED bar on the roof, a LED bar on the bumper and missed black LED taillights.

MC Customs Widebody Jeep Wrangler Tuning Offroad 6

And of course the many copper-colored accents on the Wrangler are also very striking. Whether aluminum rims, front grille, parts of the screw connections, the wind deflectors on the doors, the door hinges, longitudinal cross braces, differentials, parts of the headlights, the additional lights and much more, everything was packed in a high-contrast copper tone.

MC Customs Widebody Jeep Wrangler Tuning Offroad 3

Attention is inevitable with this bullet and under guarantee would be a license in Germany, especially because of the partially exposed tires, not conceivable in the approach. Of course, if we still get some details about the changes, there will be, as always, an update for this report. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will get in touch immediately. We wish you a lot of fun watching the pictures.

MC Customs Widebody Jeep Wrangler Tuning Offroad 2

(Photos: MC Customs)

These are the changes to the Jeep Wrangler:

  • All-round buyer-colored accents (aluminum rims, front grill, parts of the screw connections, door hinges, longitudinal cross struts, differential, springs, headlights, additional light on the roof, etc.)
  • Body parts revised and partly replaced (fender flares, front bars, radiator grille with an evil eye, rear door, bonnet with power dome, etc.)
  • significant increase by about 4-6 inches
  • two-tone alloy wheels (white / copper)
  • Off-road tires in approx. 37 inches
  • Front LED headlamp (front bar, LED headlamp, LED bar on the roof, LED bar on the front bumper, LED taillights in black)
  • possibly also the interior revised
  • darkened / tinted windows all around
  • Wind deflectors on the doors
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)
  • Sport exhaust system (more information is not available)

MC Customs Widebody Jeep Wrangler Tuning Offroad 7

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