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Widebody Range Rover Evoque Cabrio 22 inch 3

He's probably the craziest thing in the Land Rover repertoire right now - that Range Rover Evoque Convertible, No matter if you can not stand the beefy look or not, it is definitely an eye-catcher with outstanding ride comfort. The Evoque Convertible is still the world's only convertible in the compact SUV class. But considering that Mercedes has already opened its G-Class and even the Defender was offered at the beginning of its production decades ago as a Defender convertible so you realize that the idea is not entirely new. The dimensions are already very stately with 4,97 m length and 2,09 m width in this class but who wants to can drive the whole thing with a beefy Hamann body kit on the top.

Widebody Range Rover Evoque Cabrio 22 inch 5

This is exactly what the guys from cartech.ch from Switzerland have done by giving an Evoque convertible all the components of the German tuner. The extremely eye-catching set consists of a striking front apron including 2 LED daytime running lights, massive fender flares for the front and rear axles (12 pieces), matching side skirts and a newly designed rear apron with a centrally placed Hamann sports exhaust system. The body kit is rounded off with a discreet spoiler lip on the tailgate and air inlets on the right and left in the bonnet. The overall impression with the new components is, in our opinion, phenomenal because everything looks like it comes straight from the factory. Nothing looks attached or optically unsuitable because Hamann made sure not to change the basic shape of the Evoque when developing the body kit.

Widebody Range Rover Evoque Cabrio 22 inch 6

Of course, the vehicle was not allowed to leave the yard on the standard alloy wheels, but a new set of wheels must come from. Here one decided for Premier Edition CS-5 rims in the 10 × 22 format all around thanks to lowering by means of H&R sport springs sit perfectly in the wheel arch and are equipped with Michelin Supersport tires in the format 295 / 30-22. The overall project is absolutely phenomenal and especially the restrained livery of the Evoque makes the whole thing so impressive. Of course, if we get more information about the modifications, there is, as always, an update for this report. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will get in touch immediately. We wish you a lot of fun watching the pictures.

Widebody Range Rover Evoque Cabrio 22 inch 10

(Photos: cartech.ch - Switzerland)

These are the changes to the Range Rover Evoque Convertible:

  • HAMANN RANGE ROVER EVOQUE widebody kit (front apron incl. 2 LED daytime running lights, fender flares VA / HA 12 pieces, side skirts, rear apron 2-pipe in the middle, spoiler lip on the tailgate, air inlets in the bonnet)
  • Lowering (H&R sport springs)
  • Premier Edition rims in 10 × 22 inches with Michelin Supersport 295 / 30-22 tires
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)
  • Sport Exhaust System (Hamann Exhaust System)

Widebody Range Rover Evoque Cabrio 22 inch 2

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Hamann widebody kit & 22 incher

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