Fully electric: Winnebago eRV2 concept car Ford E-Transit!

Winnebago ERV2 Concept Car Ford E Transit Tuning Camping 20

E-drives are slowly becoming a thing of the past in the camping industry as well. And they will probably also be an important component for mobile homes in the long run. And at this year's Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, the manufacturer Winnebago with the eRV2, a concept vehicle was presented as an emission-free mobile home. The eRV2 is based on a Ford E-Transit and the entire vehicle is wrapped in a foil showing various locations in North America and possibilities with an electric motorhome. Winnebago has equipped the interior with the usual components of a mobile home, but of course everything runs on electricity. The company is working with Lithionics Battery to develop a 15 kWh, 48 volt battery pack that fits in the vehicle floor.

Winnebago eRV2 Concept

A 900-watt solar panel is attached to the roof, which can be used to recharge the battery if you are away from the power grid for a longer period of time. According to Winnebago, the eRV2 could provide enough power for 7 days of off-grid camping for two. At least when the solar cells receive at least 4 hours of full sunlight per day. Air conditioning and heating would not have to happen, but you could cook. It would also be possible to take a shower, operate the refrigerator and run the roof fan overnight. Incidentally, recycled and renewable materials such as Repreve fabric made from old plastic bottles were used for the interior design.

series production is not yet planned

Winnebago ERV2 Concept Car Ford E Transit Tuning Camping 1

The countertops are made from a type of acrylic and are made from a biodegradable substance. Inside the eRV2 you can see two work areas, there are built-in charging stations and even a Wi-Fi router. However, Winnebago also says very clearly that the eRV2 is only one for the time being Concept acts. However, Winnebago is launching a pilot program where interested parties can test drive the eRV2 and provide feedback to the company on improving the vehicle. The test takes place in Florida, California and Washington.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Winnebago eRV2 concept vehicle
Credit: Winnebago
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