Sunday 16rd May 2021


Zagato is one of the oldest body designers based in Rho, Italy. Since 1919, the company has designed a large number of well-known automobiles for very well-known manufacturers. Among the most famous models is the Alfa Romeo TZ-TZ3, the handcrafted Aston Martin DB7 Zagato with a limited edition of only 19, BMW Z4, Ferrari 250 GT, Jaguar XK and many more. However, Zagato also designs and develops its own small series using technology from Alfa Romeo, for example, in the year 1983 the Zagato Zeta 6 with an edition of an estimated only three models, one of which can still be seen in the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese (Italy) is. But also in the field of vehicle tuning Zagato is an important source of inspiration. On the Internet there are many detailed model drawings and an own online studio, which serves as a design basis for die-hard tuning fans. Interesting for all fans of the brand are the annual Zagato Car Club Meetings in Milan, where not only classic cars but also novelties are presented.