Corona and car! This applies in the extended and tightened lockdown!

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Lockdown Corona Auto Law Corona u. Automobile! This applies in the extended and tightened lockdown!

Corona in the extended and in the aggravated Lockdown. Since 05.01.2021 new rules apply. This is important now with Travel, for drivers and all about the range of motion. Another intensification was in Germany in Fight against the coronavirus performed. But what are the consequences of the new resolutions for drivers? And where are you still allowed to go? The lockdown and restrictions seem to be endless. Even more: The original measures against the corona pandemic were not only effective until January 31, 2021 extended, but even more tightened. And there are new effects for too Traveler, thus also for motorist.

Corona and driving a car

Covid 19 air flow Corona car interior window 2 Corona u. Automobile! This applies in the extended and tightened lockdown!

Not all, but only Resident of a county with an incidence value of over 200 are of the new Tightening affected. This group of people is allowed to no more than 15 kilometers for your City of residence move around. When dimensioning the radius it is not the exact address that is relevant, but the entire place. This has the consequence that the residents are no further than 15 km from the City or town limits move. Only with one good reason or for Trips to work will exceptions made. In Under no circumstances will travel with a tourist background as good reason rated. The restriction of the range of motion is intended to avoid future Mass gatherings, most recently in Winter sports areas observed, serve.

Rules for quarantine on return:

On the information page of the federal government on the coronavirus you can read that "all professional and private trips that are not absolutely necessary" to avoid are. Otherwise, the Corona rules always have validity, also the handling of the individual federal states should be noted. There is also information for travelers and commuters on one separate page. So you have to Returning travelers and Entrants nach Deutschland right away after return for ten days in quarantine go. The responsible health department must be informed, the quarantine can take place at the earliest five days after returning prematurely be terminated. A negative coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 test result is in favor of such early termination compelling Requirement.

Doubts regarding the implementation of the measures:

KAT replacement pipe dummy intermediate pipe alternative tuning police Corona u. Automobile! This applies in the extended and tightened lockdown!

With the German City and Community federation were already doubts from higher authorities about the practicability Registered. One sees the need for additional measures in areas with a high incidence, although for given, however, be a limited Range of motion in practice hardly controllable. It is also unclear whether the Effect due to the numerous exceptionscould come to light at all. The Skepsis at the practicality as of President Gerd Landsberg opposite the Rheinische Post is expressed even by the Police underpinned. When "at most in note form controllable“The measures are rated by Rainer Wendt, Federal Chairman of the German Police Union (GdP). In addition, his deputy Jörg Radek said that the check should be carried out during normal traffic checks. Nevertheless, it is good that politics support the day trips no valid one Reason for travel.

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