Friday July 23, 2021

Maintenance is still necessary despite downtimes!

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Parking on the sidewalk Fines Penalties 3 Maintenance work is still necessary despite standing times!

During Corona pandemic You were probably like many others and you have your car moved much less than usual. But despite the lower mileage, we advise you to do so maintenance intervals to be observed. According to the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), the mileage for motor vehicles was around twelve percent decreased. And although many people did not drive as much as usual, maintenance should be carried out according to the intervals specified by the manufacturer.

Wear even at standstill

Unfortunately, there is wear and tear on the vehicle not only while driving, but also while standing still. Engine oil or Petrol and diesel for example, age regardless of whether they are used or not. In the service book of your vehicle you will find the date and the number of kilometers when the last oil change was carried out.

reset service interval 2 maintenance work is still necessary despite downtime!

Stickers on the vehicle's B-pillar or a small trailer in the engine compartment can also provide information about the last time various maintenance work was carried out. In newer vehicles, this information can often also be read off via the instrument cluster or a special display. Whichever comes first, there will be one Inspection or maintenance (or both) due when a certain Mileage or some Period of time has been exceeded.

Kilometers or time span

For example, a vehicle has to be inspected every 30.000 kilometers or every two years. If the number of kilometers has not been exceeded, but two years have passed, you should still go to the inspection. Sometimes it also makes sense prematurely perform maintenance. During the corona lockdown, many short trips (sometimes significantly less than 10 kilometers) performed. These are particularly conducive to wear and tear. Such journeys can put more stress on the engine oil than usual. In diesel engines, more frequent regeneration is required in the particle filter, and in gasoline engines more condensation occurs.

Brake cleaner brake cleaner Schnellreiniger e1576213123753 Maintenance is still necessary despite downtimes!

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