Ventilate the vehicle interior properly in Corona times

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Corona circulation interior Ventilate the vehicle interior properly in Corona times

Summer is just around the corner and after months of lockdown, thanks to the falling number of infections, the restrictions are now being lifted step by step. Meetings with friends are finally possible again - at least in a small group and of course still in compliance with the hygiene and distance rules. But that with the distance turns out to be rather difficult, especially when driving together. In addition to wearing an FFP2 mask, correct ventilation is the most important thing in the vehicle - SEAT gives helpful tips on how to best proceed here. Because the risk of infection can be minimized particularly effectively with one variant, as a scientific study has found.

Sit diagonally, open the window diagonally

Every open window, even if it is just a crack, influences the air flow and thus also the distribution of aerosols or other exhaled particles in the air. For their investigations, the four authors from the University of Massachusetts and Brown University in Providence (both USA) opened certain windows in various scenarios and left others closed in order to examine the respective air movements. The driver and front passenger always sat diagonally offset in order to maximize their distance from one another. The result of the study: if the window behind the driver and the window in front of the front passenger are open while all the others remain closed, a circulation pattern is created that directs a large part of the air out of the vehicle before it reaches the other person in the vehicle. This significantly reduces the risk of infection.

Opened window Corona vehicle interior e1623173605789 Ventilate the vehicle interior properly in Corona times

If the driver also opens his window, the simulation also results in a situation in which the distribution of potential viruses becomes less likely. However, the scientists do not classify this and another scenario with even four open windows as realistic, as it becomes quite uncomfortable inside - especially at higher speeds or lower outside temperatures. So the recommendation is: ventilate diagonally, open windows diagonally.

No study without assumptions

For the study, the scientists made some assumptions and standardizations. The driver and passenger in the back seat were represented by cylindrical bodies and driving at 50 miles per hour (around 80 km / h) was simulated with a corresponding air flow while stationary. In their study, the authors point out that the speed being driven can have a significant influence on the air currents in the vehicle interior.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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