Typically German: Is there a risk of compulsory insurance for riding lawn mowers!?

A green, strong lawn is the centerpiece of many gardens and requires regular maintenance mowing heard. Particularly for larger areas, a Riding lawn mower make the work much easier. But the federal government's latest plans could make the amenity significantly more expensive in the future. Be at the center of the discussion "Self-propelled machines and forklifts with a maximum design speed of up to 20 km/h". From December 23.12.2023rd, XNUMX, this should be included Riding lawn mower, a Compulsory insurance be introduced. The owners of the vehicles are then asked to provide a special one for their device general liability policy to complete. Failure to comply with the regulation can not only be considered a misdemeanor, but in extreme cases even a misdemeanor imprisonment be punished.

Lawn mowing only with insurance?

But the question arises: Is additional insurance for the lawnmower really necessary? The General Association of Insurers (GDV) argues against this. According to GDV, such work machines usually already exist through general private liability insurance of the owner is covered. Jörg Asmussen, General Manager of GDV, emphasizes that the current insurance solution "clear, practical, cost-effective and completely sufficient" be. There is no known case in which the protection of general liability insurance not enough would have. With this development, some hobby gardeners could be faced with the decision of whether they should continue to use their ride-on lawnmowers despite the potential additional costs or go back to hand-operated ones Electric or petrol lawn mowers or even to Robot to grab. Images are AI-generated example images.

  • Compulsory insurance planned for ride-on lawnmowers.
  • Threatening if you fail to comply Fines (€).
  • Currently no insurance requirement for vehicles under 20 km/h.
  • Change from December 2023 planned.
  • Implementation of one EU guidelines as the reason for the regulation.
  • The new regulation affects vehicles with speeds between 6 and 20 kilometers per hour.
  • Obligation to have insurance uniform be regulated.
  • Liability insurance must have higher sums: 7,5 million euros for personal injuries, 1,5 million for property damage and 50.000 euros for financial losses.
  • Private liability will then apply not suffice.
  • General Association of Insurers (GDV) considers new regulations to be unnecessary.
  • Insurance only compulsory when used public accessible terrain.
  • Failure to comply with duty: criminal liability, Imprisonment up to one year, possible retraction of the vehicle.
  • Original regulation: Coverage by general liability insurance the holder.
  • Main driver for change: Implementation of the EU directive for motor vehicle liability insurance.

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