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The motor vehicle insurance also "after" November 30.11th. cancel?

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Tuning insurance Auto tuning insurance Motor vehicle insurance even after November 30.11th. cancel?

The 30. November is usually considered to be Deadlineto get the car insurance to terminate. However, many insured do not know that a termination under certain conditions also thereafter is still possible. An increase in contributions, for example, generally results in a Special right of termination for the insured. But what should insured persons pay attention to in order to make use of this right?

Contribution increase, exceptional cases, formalities

cancellation insurance auto The motor vehicle insurance even after 30.11. cancel?

Usually that applies to car insurance until November 30th must be terminated. The reason is that Insurance yearthat usually extends over the calendar year, taking into account the one-month notice period. November 30th is the key date on which the insurance must have received the notice of termination. However, under certain conditions it also occurs then the special right of termination in force. In many cases this mainly comes into effect when the contribution increases Has. It is therefore still worth taking a look at the premium invoice in December.

Termination in the event of a premium increase

Car insurance save costs Car insurance even after November 30.11th. cancel?

An Special right of termination occurs when the premium increases although the scope of insurance remains unchanged. As of the notification, insured persons have four weeks of this Special right of termination To make use of. The basis for this is usually the annual Contribution invoice. However, the increase in the contribution is often not noticeable at first glance. In order to shed light on the darkness, there is an explanation below why the insurance can also be more expensive, although the new one No-claims discount has risen. This is called a hidden or hidden contribution increase and that comes about when the insurer denies Does not pass the entire discount on to the insured person. There is corresponding savings potential that the insured does not even recognize. Some insurance companies include this Comparison contributions open, which was determined on a notional basis. So if the comparison contribution is lower than the newly determined contribution, one speaks of this hidden or hidden contribution increase. The comparison contribution does not have to be specified by the insurance company, unlike the Note on the special right of termination. The special right of termination always applies if only one component of the insurance entails a higher premium or the scope of insurance coverage is reduced.

Special notice periods

As mentioned earlier is the real one Deadline November 30thbecause insurance years correspond to the calendar years for most insurers. The Notice period of 4 weeks is identical with the insurers, even if that Insurance year may differ from some insurers. As mentioned, the deadline for a special right of termination is also on four weeks fixed. That counts here Time of notification the premium increase. The notification method is usually the Contribution invoice utilized. This is often not sent until December. It means that Special notice periods usually expire at the end of January and the insurance can also be canceled retrospectively. You should always do that date of issue the contribution invoice and not the access at your place.

Reasons for termination

The Contribution increase is the most common reason for a termination related to the Special right of termination called. But there are basically other reasons for termination for which the insured can make use of this right. Here one speaks of one extraordinary termination. Both the insured and the insurer have the option after an accident cancel the insurance. In this case, however, the damage must have been regulated by the insurance company so that the Special right of termination of four weeks again takes effect. In this case, the claims settlement must be official completed have been, i.e. the notification of the insurance company has been received by the insured. From this point in time, the four weeks special notice.

Drink driving Drunkenness Penalties Accident Crash e1592731960900 The motor vehicle insurance also after 30.11. cancel?

The same applies to the purchase of one other vehicle. Especially with used cars that are privately purchased, it is usually the case that the Car insurance from the previous owner is taken over with. Also here is a Special right of terminationthat for four weeks from the date of purchase applies. In which Sales a vehicle becomes its own insurance automatically transferred to the new buyer, At a signing off is the insurance contract after a break that is free of charge, the erlosch and nothing more valid.

Exceptional cases, special right of termination

With everything that has been mentioned so far, there is of course also Exceptional casesin which the special right of termination does not apply - even if the insurer has increased the premium. In principle, this is the case if the insured person is responsible for the premium increase. Examples of this can be a Change of residence, other registered drivers oder mehr Mileage his. Also who Accidents can cause in the Freedom class to be demoted what higher contributions brings with it. Also state order of the Insurance tax for example are from the special right of termination except.

Termination formalities

For whatever reason the termination takes place, whether timely or by that Special right of termination, should always formalities get noticed. Many insurance companies can terminate via Fax or Mail accepted, but the safest option is always that Registered letter with acknowledgment of receiptto have appropriate evidence. Furthermore, the Reasons for termination be specified if from Special right of termination Use is made. A ordinary termination can be submitted without a reason.

Fully comprehensive insurance Tuning Accident Law Motor vehicle insurance even after November 30.11th. cancel?

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cb no thumbnail Motor vehicle insurance even after November 30.11th. cancel?

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summarized the information on vehicle termination:

  • As a rule, you can only cancel the car insurance once a year (usually on 30. November)
  • Special right of termination with a Premium increase, One case of damage, One Vehicle change 
  • Policies often run from January 1st to December 31st
  • if not canceled, the insurance is extended by 1 year
  • also insurance with less than a year is there (begins, for example, on August 1st, the notice period is one month, so it must be canceled by June 30th at the latest)
  • it is possible, first the existing one Cancel and cancel car insurance then a new car insurance to complete (But it is recommended the reverse order)
  • Motor vehicle liability insurance is in Germany compulsory
  • Notice of termination for car insurance should be written and must be done on Deadline at the insurer enter (by registered mail, by fax, by e-mail) and with handwritten signature be provided - check this in the insurance conditions: "Text form"= Also by email,"written form“= A signed document.
  • Information in the letter of termination:
    - Name and adress
    - date
    - Address of the insurer
    - Insurance number
    - Vehicle registration number
    - signature
  • Special right of termination must be stated in the letter of termination. To do this, you should ask for a written confirmation of the termination.
    - possible if the Contributions rise, it one case of damage gave, a bought another vehicle the novel
  • extraordinary termination with a deadline of 4 weeks after the event (Receipt by the insurer is also decisive here)

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