When is fully comprehensive insurance worthwhile?

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Driving is really expensive right now. On the one hand, the prices for new cars are high, on the other hand, fuel has been expensive for months. But there are some ways save money on fuel. And when it comes to other costs, such as insurance premiums, many are looking for ways to pay less. You can ask yourself the question of whether you can use the expensive Comprehensive insurance really needed?

Fully comprehensive insurance – when is the additional protection worthwhile?

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Motor vehicle liability insurance is one compulsory insurance and settles the damage after an accident other incurred by the policyholder. This applies to both body damage and personal injury. One Partial insurance is voluntary, but recommended. It covers, among other things:

  • Theft
  • Damage caused by the weather (lightning, hail, storm, flood)
  • Glass breakage - for example due to falling rocks
  • Marten bites
  • Damage caused by wildlife accidents

Comprehensive insurance - the better choice for comprehensive protection

Comprehensive insurance not only protects your car from damage in accidents that you are responsible for, but also from damage caused by Vandalism. This type of insurance is usually though significantly more expensive than comprehensive insurance, but offers more benefits. The higher costs are the reason why fully comprehensive insurance is primarily for new cars (up to the age of five) and particularly valuable cars (vintage cars etc) worthwhile. For vehicles that are a little older, this is usually sufficient Partial insurance completely off. In some cases, when a car only has a very low value, you can also do without partial insurance and rely on the Motor vehicle liability insurance restrict.

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The amount of the premium for comprehensive insurance depends on several factors. This includes the Freedom class, the type class, the Regional class and the Workshop bond, But also the age of the driver and the kilometers driven annually are important factors. However, fully comprehensive insurance makes it possible to excess, To save money. A deductible of 300 to 500 euros can save you considerable costs. Incidentally, this also applies in part to partial coverage.

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