Which accessories in a vehicle are insured?

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VW Gol G4 BBS Airride Tuning Soundsystem 1 6 Which accessories in a vehicle are insured?

The standard car insurance is for that Liability Damage responsible. An additional Comprehensive insurance takes over against it self-inflicted or weather-related Damage. But how is it with Accessories off if it is damaged or even stolen? Which accessories are actually included in the insurance? In the event of the theft of car accessories, you will be reimbursed for the damage incurred from a partial or fully comprehensive insurance, since the partial comprehensive insurance already damages such as Theft or Storm or Wildlife accidents takes over. The Liability insurance do it should not. And it goes without saying that the partially comprehensive cover benefits included in fully comprehensive insurance. In addition, with fully comprehensive insurance Vandalism and self-inflicted damage covered. However, even with fully comprehensive insurance not all Accessories covered in the car. The rules for this are clearly defined by the insurer and the insurer is therefore liable only for certain things.

The car insurance takes care of that

In principle, only the accessories count in the protection of the insurance, the one street legal to have. This can be something special Rims and tires be. Accessories without street legal but may not be used anyway. Incidentally, the insurance company likes to differentiate between different characteristics: namely the parts, the later built in or by Start at (i.e. ex works) were available and losen thingswhich are in the car.

Which accessories in a vehicle are insured?

Subsequently installed:

  • Parts which in retrospect were installed, among other things, the mentioned Rims, Sports seats, a Hifi or special conversions such as a plating or an expensive one Fullbox be for the pickup. These parts are usually not automatically included in the insurance. However, there are enormous differences here among motor insurance companies. In the so-called "Coverage for special accessories“But the different parts are often defined. Often insurance companies pay only a certain amount for the lost or damaged parts in the amount of up to for 3.000 euros. Before signing a contract, you should be on the safe side and compare.

Mercedes S Class W223 Platinum D100 Rims 3 Which accessories in a vehicle are insured?

Permanently installed:

  • All parts that are firmly connected to the vehiclethat are usually too insured. These include the Trailer hitch, changed Chassis parts, Loudspeakers, Airbags, catalysts, Factory rims or Sound systems (Infotainment). These parts are often stolen. As a rule, the partially comprehensive cover pays the resulting damage at new value.

Catalytic converter theft protection plate Prius 3 Which accessories in a vehicle are insured?

Loose parts:

  • Cell phone, laptop, purse or wallet, all these loose things are in the form of stolen goods should not replaced by car insurance. Only the break-in damage is settled at the vehicle. In such cases, however, the Household insurance To be lucky. However, one can hardly expect the full sums here. The services can too be shortenedbecause the loose things are also called gross negligence Can be rated if about valuables visible were in the interior or were carried at all.

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Co-insurance of additional accessories!

With almost every insurance company, the various accessories can look like a particularly expensive one Tuning special equipment for a certain surcharge are also insured. For this, however, the New price or the cost of installation be presented plausibly. For these reasons, you should take a closer look at the insurance to know which parts are insured and for which you may need additional insurance.

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