Daimler Mobility bundles car and van rental business in the German market

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Daimler Mobility Car Van Rental Business

Daimler Mobility is merging its car and van rental business in the German market into one company. This creates a comprehensive rental specialist and mobility service provider. Two strong brands under one roof: Mercedes-Benz Rent and Mercedes-Benz Van Rental are bundled at Mercedes-Benz Vans Mobility GmbH. The subsidiary of Daimler Mobility AG was renamed Mercedes-Benz Automotive Mobility GmbH with headquarters in Berlin. By bundling, Mercedes-Benz, together with the authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships, is optimizing sales for rental offers and can thus inspire new target groups with short- to medium-term mobility needs for new models. Building on the existing subscription offers from Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz Automotive Mobility GmbH will also focus on expanding and developing new mobility products in the German market, thereby paving the way for a simple, digital customer journey. The subscription model is already being offered successfully for the Mercedes EQ models EQA, EQC, EQV and the all-electric Mercedes-Benz vans eVito and eSprinter.

Car and Van Rental Business

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“The two strong brands for the rental business will be brought together in Mercedes-Benz Automotive Mobility GmbH. In addition to the exclusive Mercedes-Benz world with our specialized contractual partners in retail, we also want to offer our customers a uniform and seamlessly integrated world of experience online,” says Agnieszka Kühn, COO of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Mobility GmbH. The rental service can be used at all participating Mercedes-Benz branches and contractual partners at more than 400 locations in Germany. Mercedes-Benz Rent and Mercedes-Benz Van Rental cover rental periods from 24 hours to 24 months with different tariffs and thus offer customers maximum flexibility. Mercedes-Benz and smart models of all vehicle classes and series can be rented under the Mercedes-Benz Rent brand. The all-electric EQ models EQA and EQC are just as much part of the line-up as performance models from AMG.

Mix of standard and branch-specific vehicles

Under the Van Rental brand, vehicles can be rented from the entire range of commercial and private Mercedes-Benz Vans product ranges. The fleet includes a mix of standard and industry-specific vehicles, including the all-electric eVito, eVito Tourer, EQV and eSprinter models, the Marco Polo travel and leisure vehicle, and numerous rental vehicles with special conversions for passenger transport or goods transport. These include, for example, deep-freeze vehicles, pharmaceutical transporters or vehicles for transporting people with restricted mobility. "With flexible usage models such as rental and subscription, we meet the individual needs of our customers for private and commercial use. By bundling our rental business, we are simplifying our processes and expanding our rental and mobility offering,” says Stefan Sonntag, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Automotive Mobility GmbH. [1]: Information on power consumption and range are provisional and were determined internally in accordance with the "WLTP test procedure" certification method. So far there are neither confirmed values ​​from TÜV nor an EC type approval nor a certificate of conformity with official values. Deviations between the information and the official values ​​are possible.

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