Car insurance: The deadline is again November 30th!

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Insurance insurance cover ferrari car insurance: The deadline is again November 30th!

Like every year it is 30. November the cut-off date for changing vehicle insurance. However, if you want to save money in this regard, you should and before take a closer look at the conclusion of a contract. The reason for that: the insurance coverage. Bad insurance coverage can suddenly lead to a financial fiasco.

You should definitely pay attention to this!

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The ADAC recommends that a car insurance company should show a minimum amount of coverage. So this is for a liability insurance at least 100 million euros for property damage and at least 15 million euros for personal injury. Furthermore should should not on a so-called increased liability protection for rental car damage in other European countries and for a regulation of the damage in accidents with animals of all kinds. Likewise, (consequential) damage for bites from marten be covered. The protection at gross negligence also not be restricted.

Important information regarding discount protection

It can be very useful to have a so-called Discount protection to be built into the car insurance. This means that the policyholder who has no or only one damage settled by the insurance per year, not downgraded to the no-claims class will. What is important here is to know that not every car insurer such a discount protection is accepted and the policyholder, despite the discount protection in the newly concluded motor vehicle insurance in the no-claims class downgrades. It is therefore essential to ensure that the supposed savings do not lead to an increase in vehicle insurance.

Workshop binding: pick-up / delivery service & rental car!

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Anyone with the choice of new car insurance for one Workshop bond decides so that costs can be saved should consider a few things. It is often the case, among other things, that these contract workshops do not always close can be found and for this reason you should ensure that the new car insurance has a (free) Collection and delivery service as well as a Rental car contains. In this context, the ADAC recommends a so-called Telematics module in the new car insurance. This means that the policyholder can use an app to prove that this always drives carefully. A policyholder with a Electric or hybrid car Make sure you have special insurance for these vehicles are included. This primarily concerns damage to the battery, cables or the charging infrastructure.

Save with the latest car insurance

Policyholders considering changing their car insurance should compare the different insurances as early as the beginning of November. It is important that the new insurer should replace the old contract do not take overthat this is terminated in good time, however firstif the insurance policy of the new insurer is available.

Fully comprehensive insurance Tuning Accident Law Motor vehicle insurance: The deadline is again November 30th!

If you want to stay with your current car insurance, you can of course save a little with a few tricks. For example with the Method of payment. A payment method annually is less than a payment method per quarter or even per month. Changes should also be taken into account. This can include a change in the mileage if, for example, mostly only in Home office is being worked or one is in pension goes. Another change can also be the driver circuit affect. For example, if the child now has their own car. It is also important that the car does not necessarily continue with increasing age Fully comprehensive or partially comprehensive must be insured and you therefore have to liability can switch.

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Driving license car insurance Accident 2 car insurance: The deadline is again November 30th!

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